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Engaging employee recognition programs have been shown to have a connection to: high performance, retention, loyalty, safe behavior, work-life balance, internal brand and financial results.    

In a study based on stock performance in Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work for", companies with engaged employees returned 14% per year on each dollar invested, while the overall market return was only 6% per year.

Whether your goal is improving the overall value and quality of your employee years of service awards; managing and promoting safe behavior within your safety culture; or designing and implementing creative employee performance ideas for keeping your workforce motivated and focused, C.A. Short has the employee recognition programs that will 'engage' your people and align with your corporate goals, while you meet and exceed your business objectives.

Employee Recognition Programs for ALL

At C.A. Short our goal is to work with organizations that believe as we do: the bottom line in business is that ENGAGED people are everything. Employee recognition is one way you show that.

"learning doesn't come from compliance; it comes from engagement. The best way to get that engagement is through self-direction." - Daniel Pink, whose latest book, DRIVE: What the Science of Motivation Can Teach You About High Performance, explores the science behind human motivation.


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Over the last two years has employee engagement at your organization moved up or down?