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employee safety incentives

safety incentives, safety incentive programs, safety awards, safety rewards

employee safety incentives

Safety Incentive Programs

Proactive behavior based safety incentive programs help companies measure the performance of the people who work safely for them everyday.

safety incentives, safety incentive programs, safety awards, safety rewards

A proactive behavior based safety incentive program will improve safety at your organization as you recognize and reward your safety leaders and champions - all without encouraging non-reporting.

We make it easy for you to implement safety incentive pointssafety incentive stamps, and safety incentive milestone programs. 

Studies show you can lower turnover (25% in high-turnover organizations, 65% in low-turnover organizations), shrinkage (28%), and absenteeism (37%) and have fewer safety incidents (48%), and quality defects (41%).

C.A. Short's Certified Recognition Professionals will show you the way. For more information call (800) 535-5690 or contact us now. 

"The results of the new safety incentive program speak for themselves. Within the first year, the company’s accident rate decreased 19 percent, meaning less lost time and fewer claims for workers’ compensation and disability insurance."

See Safety Incentive Program CASE STUDY results.

Customers that take safety to the next level include DuPont, Sysco, Dean Foods, Kellogg, Alcoa, CSX Intermodal, US Steel, Danaher Tool, and Stanley Steemer.

See The 10 Elements of Safety Awareness BEST PRACTICES for a safety incentive program

A Safety & Health Management System (SHMS) is a pie with many pieces. Eliminate any one piece and the pie is incomplete. The employee safety incentive program piece completes the safety pie.

Our mission is to provide organizations like yours with a balanced and results-driven blueprint to implement a strategic, OSHA compliant employee safety incentives program that will raise awareness, reduce accidents, and increase the bottom line - all without encouraging non-reporting.

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Can You Create an OSHA Compliant Safety Incentive Program?

C.A. Short will develop a behavior-based, pro-active employee safety incentive program through a mix of best practices, training and online learning, interactive webinars, advanced employee recognition software as a service (SaaS), site visits, recurring consultations, communications programs and thought leadership.

OSHA compliant safety incentive programsWe understand what it takes to develop an OSHA Compliant Employee Safety Incentive Program for your organization. Call or contact us online for a FREE consultation


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