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Employee Recognition Programs

Total Recognition Programs

Are you being asked to consolidate your various employee recognition programs into one easy-to-administer and cost-effective recognition platform? 

We can help. And we make it easy!

For more information on how C.A. Short can combine your various employee recognition programs under one Umbrella TOTAL RECOGNITION PLATFORM,  please call (800) 535-5690 or request more information now.

C.A. Short understands the need for dynamic and state of the art technology to maintain multiple corporate employee recognition programs in a single integrated platform.

In order to address the needs of our customers, C.A. Short has developed a proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows your organization the flexibility to implement, manage, monitor, and measure multiple employee recognition programs each with individual rules, budgets, and redemption requirements all within a single Management Access Portal System (MAPS). This flexibility helps align the recognition program based on the outcome and goals of the overall recognition strategy.  

C.A. Short's Umbrella TOTAL RECOGNITION PLATFORM is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) developed by our In-House IT TEAM to manage any of your employee recognition needs - ALL in one place.

Typically an Umbrella TOTAL RECOGNITION PLATFORM can include:

- Years of Service Programs

- Health & Wellness Programs

- Safety Performance Programs

- On-The-Spot Recognition Programs

- Attendance Programs

- New Hire & On-Boarding Recognition Programs

- Employee and Management Leadership Programs 

- Quality & Productivity Programs

- Holiday Gift Programs

- Peer-2-Peer Recognition Programs

- Employee Birthday Recognition Programs

- Company Milestone/Achievement Programs

Employee Recognition Programs for ALL

The C.A. Short Umbrella TOTAL RECOGNITION PLATFORM is the Easy Way To Manage ALL Your Employee Recognition Programs.

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 Service Award Programs

Employee Safety Performance Programs

Total Employee Performance Programs