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Employee Engagement Impacts All Aspects of Businesses – from Top to Bottom Line

Employees want to feel appreciated.

They want to feel that they are recognized for their work. They want to feel that they are engaged in the company that they work for. That sounds like a lot of feelings. But how does that help when it comes to dollars and cents? How does engagement add up to profits?


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Do You Suffer from Paralysis by Analysis?

Have you ever heard the term Paralysis by Analysis?  It was a term introduced to me early in my career as a public accountant. 

I believe it goes back to my college days. We learned that every question had one right answer, and that answer was specific and exact, especially in my accounting classes.  If the answer was $123.69 then that was the only correct answer. Any answer other than $123.69 was incorrect and marked wrong on the test.  It was a hard lesson for me to learn. 


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