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Sales Teams are from Mars, Marketing Teams are from Venus

We have written several blog posts that touch on the topic of communication.  In fact, communication is one of our 7 NEW Rules of Employee Engagement and detailed with ideas in our 35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture and Increase the Bottom-line.  In many companies, it is the sales and marketing teams that feel the fire of discord but we know that this same issue can reside between any two departments from accounting to operations to IT.

Every industry has this same challenge. Doctors and nurses and tech staff sometimes miscommunicate. Drivers can feel frustration with operators. Warehouse workers can't always effectively communicate with plant supervisors.  Each scenario applies in the reverse as well.  We are human beings and sometimes we think we communicate better than we actually do.

We know communication matters but what happens when you've got two very different departments speaking two very different languages; with neither of them understanding the other's value?


Topics: Employee Engagement, Smarketing, sales and marketing alignment