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Does the Economy Affect Turnover and Employee Engagement?

Does the economy really have an effect on turnover and employee engagement? Does it really matter whether we are in a good economy or a bad economy?

Employee engagement retains its value in spite of the economic changes. The link between organizational outcomes and engagement remains consistent whether the economy is growing or in a recession.

The Data on the Economic Effect

A quote from a recent Gallup survey, “Engagement at Work: It’s Effect on Performance Continues in Tough Economic Times" verified that employee engagement strongly relates to critical organizational outcomes in any economic climate. The survey showed that it could be and is a competitive advantage for organizations whether the economy is thriving or not.


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Employee Recognition: What Your Employees Want vs What They Need

What Your Employees Want

It is a guarantee that if you send out a survey to your employees asking them what they want from their workplace your responses will contain the following:

  1. More Money

  2. Beer in the Water Cooler

  3. Wearing Sneakers Monday through Friday

  4. More paid time off

  5. Work from home

Perhaps those things would be nice, however, employees want more than just tangible rewards. In general, people want to feel proud of where they work and proud of the work they perform. Employees need to feel a connection to their work and their company. In order for there to be a connection, the employer must ensure that employees are treated fairly and heard by management, have a sense of security and feel that there is strong leadership to help them grow. When employees feel like their efforts are part of something bigger than themselves, they understand how the work they perform affects the organization as a whole, and employees are being recognized for their efforts, they feel that connection between the work they perform and the company.  


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