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Jeff Ross Receives 2018 Spotlight Award from RPI

For nearly 20 years, C.A. Short Company has been a member and sponsor of Recognition Professionals International (RPI) – an organization that works tirelessly to reward and recognize employees around the globe. While it’s typically our CEO Jeff Ross who’s busy doing the thanking, he recently found himself receiving the recognition this time – taking home a significant accolade from the association.   

We’re proud to announce that Jeff has been named the 2018 Spotlight Winner for his ongoing commitment and support to employee engagement, recognition, and safety! 


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7 Tips for Creating Years of Service Awards in the CPG Sector

Can you name your company’s greatest asset?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not your streamlined processes, your patented intellectual property, or even the superior products you produce – it’s your employees.


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Great Last-Minute Ideas for Celebrating National Nurses and Hospital Week

Each year healthcare businesses have a unique opportunity to honor their employees during National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week. With both celebrations falling the week of May 6 - 12, that means you still have some time to prepare.

To help you on your quest, C.A. Short Company has put together a list of last-minute (and cost-effective) ideas you can use during the big week. Let’s take a closer look at a few small ways you can make a big impact!


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QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Employee Engagement in Healthcare?

Over the past few weeks, we at C.A. Short Company have focused exclusively on the role employee engagement plays in the healthcare industry. And, that’s because there’s a very good reason to do so. When healthcare employees are engaged, diseases decrease, profits soar, and lives are saved.

We have covered mortality rates, hospital-acquired conditions, medical errors, nurse and physician burnout, turnover rates, and the list goes on and on. While employee engagement in the healthcare industry is an incredibly serious matter, we’ve decided to have a little fun today, while also testing how well you’ve been paying attention.

You can take our 10-question quiz, “How Much Do You Know About Employee Engagement in Healthcare,” below.


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Employee Engagement in Healthcare: 6 Tips to Engage Doctors, Nurses and Staff!

“To save lives.”

Over our 80-year history in the employee engagement industry, we’ve spoken with thousands of healthcare workers. From doctors and nurses to CEOs of the nation’s largest healthcare providers, we always like to ask, “Why did you enter healthcare?” The answer is almost always the same – to save lives!


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Saving Money (and Lives) in the Healthcare Industry: The ROI of Employee Engagement

The decision to enter the Healthcare Industry isn’t one that’s made lightly -- the shifts are long, the demands are high, and the sacrifices are many. So, when someone chooses a career in healthcare, chances are, it isn’t because they’re fascinated with profit margins or have a deep passion for reducing operating costs. More than likely, it’s because they want to change the world by saving one life at a time. But, the truth is, these are not mutually exclusive ideas.


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Employee Engagement in Healthcare Creates Safer Conditions, Saves Lives & Money

When people think of safety in the workplace, their minds tend to drift to images of construction workers wearing hard hats or researchers walking around in giant hazmat suits. Sure, these are very important safety practices, but the truth is, there is so much more to safety than just wearing protective coverings. This is especially true in the field of healthcare, where if proper safety protocols aren’t followed, injuries occur, diseases spread, and patients die.


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The Power of Employee Engagement in the Healthcare Industry

“What’s the single greatest thing our company can do to improve?”

This is a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times as I travel around the country, speaking to good folks who are looking for ways to make their businesses better. Regardless of the person’s position, company, or even industry, my answer is always the same – you must create a Culture of Engagement!

Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry. We’ve spent decades working with healthcare companies, and we’ve seen what happens when they adopt a Culture of Engagement. Although most providers see improvement in nearly all avenues of their business, this blog post is dedicated to just five key areas: safety, patient experience/satisfaction, turnover rates, mortality rates, and return on investment (ROI).


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Using Points-Based Rewards Programs for Maximum Potential

Points-based reward programs are highly effective in influencing employee behaviors, whether that is engagement, productivity, safety, wellness or other types of outcomes.

Why Points-based Recognition Works

The common thinking is that cash bonuses work as incentives for performance. While it may sound nice to receive a lump sum of cash in return for reaching a sales goal or for some other accomplishment, it has been proven that physical, tangible items work better as positive reinforcement for achievements. The problem with a cash reward is once that cash is used, whether it is for paying taxes, paying off debt, or even for some other type of item an employee wants, it is gone and the reinforcement value is gone as well.


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Put Recognition Points to Work

When it comes to points-based rewards and recognition programs, there are basically two types of people: those who use their points right away after receiving a reward from their manager, or those who bank their points waiting for just the right time, opportunity or that one certain item they’ve had their eye on.

There’s no wrong or right in regards to these two different types of employees. The only wrong in this equation is to not use your points. By not using recognition points, you’re missing out on the opportunity to feel the full effect of recognition.


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