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What You Need to Know When Planning Employee Financial Literacy Programs

It’s important to take care of your employees. After all, your organization won’t be able to reach the heights of success if not for employees who are healthy in all aspects of their lives. Besides having a comprehensive employee benefits package which includes proper healthcare and paid vacation days, another way to take care of your employee is by helping them achieve personal economic security through financial literacy programs.

This is all the more important as the New York Post reports that Americans are notoriously bad with money. Indeed, the report cites a Bankrate survey that details how 60 percent of Americans don’t even have $500 to spare in care of emergencies. By empowering your employees through a financial literacy program, they can better manage their debt and save up for retirement, as well as increase their productivity. You'll also be able to help yourself grow your business as you take better care of your employees, as these programs can motivate your staff and boost employee morale.

Now that we’ve established the importance of financial literacy programs for your employees, let’s now take a look at what you need to do when planning these programs.


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Wellness is a Hot Topic: Are Your People Well?

If life has taught us anything, it’s that doing the right thing always pays off. This is especially true when it comes to caring for your company’s most vital resource – your employees. Increasingly, this means providing a comprehensive wellness program that encourages your team to focus on their health.


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Employee Engagement, Work-Life Balance Key to Reducing Healthcare Burnout


If you’re human, chances are you’ve suffered from burnout at least once in your professional career. But, the good news is it probably never put anyone’s life in jeopardy. However, the same can’t be said for workers in the healthcare industry. At any moment, their decisions can make the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, burnout rates in the medical industry are among the highest on Earth. Luckily, there are steps your healthcare organization can take to significantly reduce employee burnout, and it all begins with employee engagement and recognition.

Here’s what you need to know.


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Top Ways to Prevent Employees from Getting Sick During Flu Season

Employees are the backbone of every organization, and their performance is directly tied to your company’s bottom line. But, when your employees are sick, they can’t perform at their highest level, and it could cost your business big time. Lost productivity, missed work hours, and spreading their illnesses to other members of your team are just a few of the effects sick employees can have at your organization. For these reasons and many more, it’s imperative you take every action you can to ensure you have a safe and healthy workforce.

Here are five ways you can help achieve this.


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