80 Years

and still going strong

Introducing an iconic look inspired by
CELEBRATION, appreciation & a New way

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our people
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anniversary video
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We believe that every employee should be celebrated, rewarded, recognized, safe, appreciated, acclaimed, and told so often! Our 80th Year brings us to new features on our platform, new items in our reward center, new custom presentation boxes for Years of Service awards and more! C.A. Short Company... a new way of engaging.

80 Years

"80 Years shows that what we do works and that companies appreciate it. It means we have the ability to change with the needs of this industry. We always say that we are, 'an 80 year-old profitable start up company,' because what got us through the first 80 years is not necessarily what will get us through the next 80. We have to be able to change and adapt to what the market demands."

Jeff Ross, CPA, CRP, CSM