At C.A. Short Compay, we're always coming up with new and fun ways to engage our employees, and we pride ourselves on taking a break from the norm!  

Hawiian_Shirt_DaySometimes, you just need a vacation... from your wardrobe. Typically, HR comes up with playful, engaging activities for our team, so you can imagine my surprise when our IT Director, Jerry, started a call to action on our People Are Everything Employee Engagement Platform, challenging employees to wear a Hawaiian shirt one Friday. Our team ROCKED IT!

We use our People Are Everything Employee Engagement Platform to enhance our Connection Culture.  Because it is cloud-based, our remote employees can log in and feel like they are part of the day-to-day company culture, too. More, they stay connected to the cultural climate that our on-site employees create and experience on a daily basis.


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