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Well, hello friends! It’s been awhile since we last chatted. I thought all through holidays that I’d have a great engaging moment to share but nope, not even one. Sad isn’t it? In fact, now that I am on the lookout for awesome, random acts of engagement, it has become more obvious to me that they really don’t occur all that often and that is exactly why we should take the time to highlight them when feasible. Thankfully, my recent experience at my local eye doctor changed the disengaged path I was on.

IMG_0314.jpgFinally, a funny and engaging encounter to tell you all about. It all starts with the fact that I just don’t “see” quite like I used to.

It is no secret that I am not fond of growing up (I like to say that versus saying “growing older” as I like to pretend that I am eternally 15 going on 37, neither of those are my true age but we can all dream.) All the vitamins I must now take and the fact that I needed to join a gym and get some exercise are just examples of what you do as you grow “up.” Well, lately here at the office, I started having issues being able to see what was presented in meetings on our big monitor that is hanging on the wall in one of our conference rooms. I would often have to stand up and walk toward the monitor to see what was on the screen in detail. Basically, my eyesight simply isn’t what it once was, though it is not terrible. So, I asked some folks in our office who I should see for my eyes (since I am still fairly new in town) and a co-worker recommended Visual Eyes in Uptown Shelby with Doctor Patrick Vollmer and team.

So, a few weeks later, I made my way to the eye doctor, not really expecting much based on my previous eye exam experiences back in TN. Those were quick and non-eventful. I rarely recall learning very much about the health of my eyes, etc. I arrived at Visual Eyes and the two ladies up front were kind and jovial, which made me feel comfortable, right off the bat. There was awesome 80’s music playing softly in the background and it was the good 80’s music. You know, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Michael McDonald, Jackson Browne. So I was in my element.

After the initial standard exam stuff, Dr. Vollmer prepared to look me deep in the eyes and figure out what my issues were. He was polite and easy to understand. We chatted for a moment about the fact that he went to the same college as my younger sister, Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. As he walked me through the process he explained some things along the way, making the exam much more comfortable. However, there was that one moment when, while leaning back in the eye exam chair with bright lights shining in my eyes, I heard these words, “Well, right now you’re a 6 but eventually you’ll be a 10.” Of course, my mind fixated on what I thought I heard so I immediately thought to myself, ”I’m a 6?? What am I wearing today?? Seriously, I mean, can’t a guy get a 7 at least??” Of course this is not what Dr. Vollmer was referring to. As he went on I realized that he was referring to my eyesight (astigmatism to be exact) and my need for progressive lenses. After a good inner laugh, I refocused so I could learn a little more.

Dr. Vollmer, who has not long been in our wonderful little town of Shelby, NC (where the C.A. Short Company offices are) is a breath of fresh air in the eye doctor world. He spoke to me in layman’s terms and was able to put into perspective many of my eyesight issues and describe things for me that I had not known prior. I now fully understand the “health” of my eye, what all the shapes and lines are within and what causes my sight issues. I felt empowered as I now knew what I needed to do to correct the problem. He wasn’t pushy or authoritative, he honestly just shared his expertise in a way that was easy to digest and understand. As much as I did not want to move into progressive lenses, he made me understand that I would eventually have to have them (there’s where the “you’ll be a 10 eventually” comes into play) and why not start now for my own well-being. Once he was done with his part, he sent me onto to check out some frames and such. He had me start on some drops for my dry eyes, as well. 

Looking at frames I worked with Shelby (yes, Shelby in Shelby) who helped me make some great choices for new frames and I even picked out some great prescription sunglasses. My eyes are also very light sensitive so I squint a lot. I made sure that she knew I was going for that “15 going on 37” look. We chatted and she made me laugh several times and if you know me then you know that I live for laughter. Making me laugh is one sure way to win me over.

At some point the entire staff came over to help me finalize my new eye glasses decision. I felt spoiled and I loved it. I had the attention of the whole staff and they were engaging. I had a great time getting to know the team and learning about my eyesight and my dry eye issue (who knew??) so the time flew by. I left that day knowing that I had experienced a real act of engagement. I went from knowing nothing about their office or the people and left feeling like I had known them for years. It was a great day. I have enjoyed every follow up visit since.

Visual Eyes with Doctor Vollmer and staff rocked it out. I had a really enjoyable experience at the eye doctor. One that will keep me coming back and isn’t that what we expect from an engaged workforce? They build loyalty and devotion from their customers. They keep clients involved and educated. They reduce errors and wastefulness and focus on issues at hand.

If you are in the Shelby area, go and “see” them. I know you’ll enjoy your visit as much as I did. And, talk about experience, Doctor Vollmer is not only the local most awesome eye doctor guy under 30, he’s a soon to be published author. He is currently working on a project, The 2017 Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs. It’s an annual supplement to the Review of Optometry, and international publication. When finished he will be the youngest person ever to co-author a major publication in optometry. He’s also a Top 50 Up-and-Coming Practitioners/Researchers in the country as determined by Healio.

Whew…this guy is rockin’ in his world and his staff is rockin’ in theirs! Anyway, all in all it was a great experience and the best news is that I have been wearing my sweet new glasses all day and now I can see the monitor at work just fine. Someday, maybe one day soon by gosh I’ll be a 10, one way or the other.

Til next time friends as we continue down this engaging journey together.

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R Scott Russell, CRP, CEP | Director - Engagement Strategies

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R Scott Russell, CRP, CEP | Director - Engagement Strategies

R Scott Russell is a video host, public speaker, and a sought-after thought leader in the world of employee engagement and recognition. At C.A. Short Company, he is responsible for producing engaging content, helping clients maximize the effectiveness of their programs, and providing ongoing training and education.
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