Employee Engagement: The Driving Force of the Transportation Industry

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The transportation industry faces many unique challenges — over a 90% turnover rate, billions of dollars in lost revenue, and an astonishing amount of workplace hazards & fatalities, just to name a few. Luckily there's something your company can do about it. 

By Creating A Workplace That Promotes Employee Engagement

Download our SlideShare and learn the 10 ways to engage your truck drivers and create a culture of engagement. These tactics will help make sure your employees get home safe and your company thrives for years to come. Our SlideShare also covers some of the most surprising stats in the transportation industry. 

Why create a culture of engagement?

When your organization creates a culture of engagement, your company will see amazing results. Studies have shown an engaged workforce can: 

  • Increase Profits by 21%
  • Increase Productivity by 17%
  • Reduce Turnover by 25 to 60%
  • Reduce Driver Distractions by 70%
  • Reduce Quality Incidents by 40%

Improving company metrics is important, but the most significant benefit of an engaged workforce is the reduced amount of fatalities. Download our SlideShare now and start taking care of your drivers and you company. 

By viewing this SlideShare, you'll learn:


The most up-to-date employee engagement stats in the transportation industry


Ten tips you can use to engage your drivers right now


The impact a Culture of Engagement can have at your business