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5 KPIs To Track Employee Engagement



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Do You Use An Employee Recognition Platform?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five to ten years, you’ve been hearing the terms “employee recognition platform” and “employee recognition software” pretty much all over the place. The realization that employee recognition and encouragement is a vital part of success in retention and recruitment has taken over the world of human resource management. But what exactly is all the buzz about?


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8 Powerful Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Here are some creative and low-cost ways to recognize your high-performers and encourage a positive and supportive organizational culture.

1) Just say thank you


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The Importance of Employee Recognition

How important is it to regularly and consistently recognize and encourage your employees?

The statistics tell us it’s extremely important and we all know the numbers don’t have an agenda here. The good news is that employee engagement seems to be on the rise in the US, as companies begin to take more seriously the need to regularly appreciate and reward their employees.  If we look at sources like, Gallup polls, and articles, and the Harvard Business review-- the numbers all say the same things: employee recognition affects your bottom line and companies who don’t put a high priority on employee recognition are going to miss out on the benefits to job performance, job satisfaction, and recruitment/retention.


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Years Of Service Programs: The Myth of the One Best Way

If you are looking for the One Best Way to recognize your employees, may I gently suggest that you are missing the point? There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that meets the needs of every organization. Nor should there be! Individualization and a custom approach is vitally important, and a personal touch proves the sincerity of the initiator. I’m not just talking about the name on the plaque or the color of the car, either. You want quality, you want meaningful and significant. Right? But how to provide that personal touch?  Let’s take a few moments and examine the basics of great recognition. Spoiler alert: there’s more than one!


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Importance of Years of Service Awards

More than 80 years ago, C.A. Short Company decided that we would do things differently. At a time when employers were demanding more and more from their employees while offering them less and less, we believed there was a better way.


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What Programs Should You Include in Your Employee Recognition Platform?

Show Employees They Are Valued

Do you remember the economic crash in 2008? Did that affect your company? Did you lose good employees? 
Whether you remember or not, another "crash" could be looming. History is doomed to repeat itself. Look to recession proof your culture...
Implementing an Employee Recognition Platform provides you with the avenues you need to acknowledge your employees quickly and easily outside of the standard programs such as Years of Service , birthdays, or other common performance incentives.
Employee recognition is one of the easiest ways to ensure we're prepared for any potential downturn in the market or within our own organizations. We’re quickly moving into the future. Having strong, dedicated, committed people will help us weather the potential storms ahead.
Maintaining employees doesn’t just come down to salary; they need to feel valued, purposeful. This is why we developed our Employee Recognition Platform .

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Next Generation Incentives: Powered by C.A. Short Company and Peerless Performance

When two of the most respected names in employee engagement and recognition join forces, you can expect big things. And that’s exactly what our clients will receive from our partnership with performance-improvement firm Peerless Performance. We’re excited to announce our game-changing joint offering: Next Generation Incentives.


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Make Every Work Anniversary a Happy One with Years of Service Awards

Part 1: The importance of celebrating work anniversaries with Years of Service awards

Part 2: Best practices for celebrating work anniversaries with years of service awards

Part 3: Working with a SaaS provider to implement your YOS awards


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Employee Recognition: What It Is, Why Awards Matter, and Appreciation Ideas You Can Use


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