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What is A Recognition Strategy? (+ Free Recognition Strategy Action Plan Template)

Celebrating employees and recognizing their success probably seems like a reasonable and natural concept, but its value goes far beyond creating a pleasant, professional atmosphere. An organized and detailed recognition program can serve as a tool to help engage and retain valuable workers.


Topics: Total Recognition, Culture of Engagement

Business Excellence Starts with a Noble Purpose Beyond Making Money

When I am asked, “Paul, how can I improve productivity and achieve sustained business success?” I give an unconventional reply— “Sustained success starts with a noble purpose beyond making money.” Without a noble purpose, I explain, “All tasks degenerate into thankless, boring chores.”


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How to Use Awareness Days in Your 2021 Engagement Strategy

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen an awareness day or two floating around your Facebook and social media accounts in the form of National Taco Day or National Pizza Day. While these days can often feel manufactured, with some created for the sole purpose of boosting an industry, when implemented correctly you can use these select awareness days to increase employee engagement and foster rewards and recognition. 


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Employee Recognition: What It Is, Why Awards Matter, and Appreciation Ideas You Can Use


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Recognition Strategies, Employee Appreciation, Incentive Programs, Employee Awards

10 Types of Employee Recognition Awards

Most people want to feel valued in various aspects of life, and work is certainly no exception. Since employees study, train, and strive to gain professional experience they can share with their employers, they need to know that their efforts are appreciated.


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement

Using Points-Based Rewards Programs for Maximum Potential

Points-based reward programs are highly effective in influencing employee behaviors, whether that is engagement, productivity, safety, wellness or other types of outcomes. But, why does it work? Let’s dive more into the reasoning behind why points-based rewards are effective for helping employees to reach their full potential.


Topics: Total Recognition, Points Program

How Do You Foster Dignity and Respect at Work?

Creating a work environment that fosters a culture of positivity can often-times be quite challenging. To create a positive culture, the leaders of your organization must not only promote this behavior, they must also understand its importance. Employees who feel they are treated with respect and dignity are more engaged and productive than those who don’t. Let’s take a look at a case study where a hospital was able to improve its workplace culture and patient experience.


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How to Increase Employee Engagement with Appreciation

The following blog is the 5th blog post in a series of posts about creating high-performance teams and references the 7 New Rules of Employee Engagement Wallchart. To view previous blogs and resources click the links below: 


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies

What is Total Recognition and How Can It Improve Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is all about creating a culture that ensures employees feel they have what it takes and everything they need to give their all during the workday. It aims to define how committed employees are to company goals and success, as well as their own personal growth within the company. 


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The Power of Employee Engagement in the Healthcare Industry

One of the largest employment sectors, the healthcare sector employs 1 in 8 Americans, with over 784,000 companies contributing to the $845 trillion dollar industry. These employees are extremely important to our daily lives, however they experience more workplace injuries and illnesses than any other industry. By analyzing employee engagement trends and developing engagement programs, we can reduce workplace accidents and keep our healthcare employees safe.


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