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How To Use A Safety Incentive Program for COVID Guidelines

Over the past few months, many businesses have been faced with difficult decisions regarding employee health and safety. While some businesses and industries are able to go completely remote, that is a luxury many businesses do not have. During COVID-19, the safety of our employees and ourselves is our first priority. Today we will be discussing how your safety incentive program can also be used to help promote a safe work environment and assist with adapting your workplace to new OSHA and CDC workplace safety guidelines. 


Topics: Safety, workplace safety

Employee Holiday Programs: Start Early & Make It Personal

We all know that employee recognition is not a once-a-year event. However, the holidays are a great time to show appreciation for your employee’s hard work and dedication. In order to have a successful program, you need to make it personal and you have to start EARLY. Today we will be breaking down the importance of personalized employee holiday gifts and the positive effects they can have on your employee engagement. 


Topics: Employee Recognition, Holiday, Employee Engagement Strategies

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Wins RPI® Overall Best Practice Award

Shelby, NC: C.A. Short Company is proud to announce that The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has won the Recognition Professionals International 2020 Overall Best Practice Award. 

C.A. Short used its People Are Everything™ employee recognition platform to help the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center’s Bravo Program provide tools and resources that fulfill day-to-day needs and increase recognition practices. The interactive platform allowed the program to offer nomination based-awards and manager tools for monitoring program performance and engagement levels. 


What is Total Recognition and How Can It Improve Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is all about creating a culture that ensures employees feel they have what it takes and everything they need to give their all during the workday. It aims to define how committed employees are to company goals and success, as well as their own personal growth within the company. 


Topics: Budget Control, Employee Recognition, Total Recognition, Employee Recognition Strategies

How Much Does an Employee Wellness Program Cost?

Wellness programs can have great effects within the workplace, including boosting productivity and cost-saving benefits. It’s no wonder why wellness programs have become so popular with more employers looking to invest in more opportunities to promote health and fitness. Even though these programs have a multitude of positive effects, they are still an investment in both time and money. 


Topics: Health & Wellness Programs

Giving Employees Gifts During the Holidays: How We Do It

For some reason, sitting down to write about what to give employees for holiday gifts gave me writer's block. It all seemed so boring and overdone. I just couldn’t seem to find the direction I wanted to go. 

Then I realized, I work at an employee recognition company who specializes, in part, regarding employee holiday gifts. I am writing about employee recognition programs, why don’t I write about how MY actual company celebrates its own actual employees during the holiday season and provide examples of unique corporate gift ideas.


Topics: Employee Recognition, Holiday, Employee Recognition Strategies

Why Your Sales Incentive Program Doesn't Work

By offering your sales team with unique rewards such as trips, experiences, or fun gifts, Sales Incentive Programs can be a great way to drive revenue and bottom-line growth. 


Topics: sales incentives

Safety Incentives: What Are Leading Indicators?

Implementing a culture of safety is key to prioritizing employee safety and wellbeing. Safety incentive programs reinforce safety protocols and encourage employees to work safely by rewarding them when they do. In order to build a successful safety incentive program, you must have a way to consistently measure success, as well as discover any areas of improvement. 


Topics: Safety, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives

Tax Benefits of Years of Service and Employee Engagement Awards

Years of Service and Employee Engagement Awards play a key role in helping you attract top talent, foster employee engagement and promote employee retention. These awards are not only great for boosting employee morale, but they also can give your business tax benefits. 


Topics: years of service

How to Use Awareness Days in Your 2020/2021 Engagement Strategy

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen an awareness day or two floating around your Facebook and social media accounts in the form of National Taco Day or National Pizza Day. While these days can often feel manufactured, with some created for the sole purpose of boosting an industry, when implemented correctly you can use these select awareness days to increase employee engagement and foster rewards and recognition. 


Topics: Total Recognition

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