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What is employee net promoter score (eNPS)?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Employee Net Promoter Score, also commonly referred to as eNPS, is a way to measure how your employees feel about your organization.


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Employee Wellness in the COVID-19 Era

Two Employee Pitfalls to Anticipate and Prevent

A recent Gallup poll revealed that, historically, well-being and engagement have gone hand-in-hand; however, the current pandemic has produced a new phenomenon:  a divergence in employee well-being and employee engagement


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What's Virtual Meeting Fatigue? And How to Combat It

Here we are well over a year into the new world order of COVID-19 protection and prevention. For most of us, this means working from home part or all the time. Working from home brings with it a multitude of stressors.


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It’s Okay to Bring Humanity to the Workplace

I’m going to tell you a true story with an important lesson—it is OK to bring your humanity to work and treat people decently. The best leaders, what Jim Collins called “Level-5 leaders” in his book, Good to Great, are humble, respectful, and deeply connected to their people.


What is LOTO (Lockout/Tagout)?

LOTO means lockout/tagout. Lockout/tagout procedures control hazardous energy and protect your workers from harm.

When machines or equipment are prepped for service or energy, they often contain some form of hazardous energy.


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What Is Peer-to-Peer Recognition? Why Should You Have It? (+3 Ideas to Encourage It)

A handwritten note from an executive. An award to honor years of service. Maybe even a personalized gift from a manager. For most companies, the responsibility of recognizing and appreciating employees typically falls on management. 

However for the modern workforce, peer-to-peer recognition is much more impactful than traditional methods of recognition. Why? Peer recognition provides timely, specific, and consistent recognition to your employees.


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C.A. Short Partners with Nudge to Improve Employee Experiences for Deskless Workers

We are ecstatic to announce that we’ve partnered with Nudge, a digital communications platform that empowers deskless employees to drive better business outcomes, to provide a comprehensive employee experience solution for organizations looking to improve retention and engagement among their non-desk workers.


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8 Ideas to Appreciate Nurses During National Nurses Week [May 6-12, 2021]

American Nurses Association (ANA)’s National Nurses Week is celebrated each year from May 6th through May 12th. 


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Healthcare Employee Recognition Weeks: Hospital Week and Nurses Week Appreciation Ideas

Hospital staff work some of the most demanding jobs there are physically, emotionally and spiritually – and it takes its toll on all medical staff. That’s why it is especially fitting that we celebrate National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week every year – to take the time, to take care of the people who spend their careers taking care of us.


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Years of Service: Traditional Work Anniversary Awards

Part 1: The importance of celebrating work anniversaries with Years of Service awards

Part 2: Best practices for celebrating work anniversaries with years of service awards

Part 3: Working with a SaaS provider to implement your YOS awards


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