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How to Host a Socially-Distanced Employee Event in 2020

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, hosting employee events and celebrations has been difficult and uncertain. What many managers and employers are struggling to address is the need for social interaction among employees. Workforces around the world are craving face-to-face engagement, but employees also want to feel safe while participating in group events. While the task may seem unapproachable in the current health climate, it is something that needs to be a priority for businesses as we head into 2021.


Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program & How to Budget for One

What is an employee wellness program?

Wellness programs are more than just a trending topic in business. Over the course of history, workplace benefits have expanded to include a myriad of insurance offerings – all of which are more expensive when there are a greater number of high claims – leading employers to begin considering the importance of overall employee wellness and the return on investing in wellness as an employer.


Top 5 Workplace Accidents in 2020 and How to Avoid Them

Business leaders face numerous responsibilities each day when running a successful and profitable company. One essential duty employers have is keeping their valuable employees safe from injury and illness, which is not a simple one-time-only task. It is an ongoing task that features many moving parts, including identifying risks, working to correct hazards, and informing employees of dangers that they can avoid when aware and alert.


How Employee Recognition Programs Have Changed in 2020

Building an employee recognition program offers employers an invaluable tool in fostering a positive and productive workplace culture. However, if employers and HR teams design an employee appreciation program based on an outdated recognition and rewards model, they might not experience the desired outcome. 


How Safety Incentives Play a Role in Workplace Safety

Regardless of the work environment—from a chaotic warehouse to a laid-back office—workplace safety is an essential responsibility of employers. Company owners and their safety management teams must ensure employees' safety for their well-being, and the financial health and brand reputation of the organization. 


How to Increase Employee Engagement with Appreciation

The following blog is the 5th blog post in a series of posts about creating high-performance teams and references the 7 New Rules of Employee Engagement Wallchart. To view previous blogs and resources click the links below: 


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies

The Importance of Employee Recognition and the 5 Elements of a Successful Service Award Program

I worked at an organization for about 5½ years right out of college. On the anniversary of my 5 years of service, I received an envelope on my desk with no explanation, my name misspelled, and a small coffee stain on the right corner. I honestly thought I was getting fired in the most inappropriate way I could imagine. 


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Recognition Strategies, Employee Appreciation, work anniversary, years of service, employee milestones

Give Millennials What They Really Want - Experiences

If the assent of millennials in the workplace once seemed like the slowest moving train in the world of demographics, it’s safe to say that train has finally reached the station.  


How to Budget For an Employee Engagement Program

Over the years we’ve mentioned in countless articles the importance of employee engagement, and how your commitment to your employees can result in higher productivity and a reduction in costs. You may be saying to yourself “that all sounds great, but we don’t have the budget or the need to implement some fancy program” that’s where you're wrong. 


How Employee Morale Affects Employee Engagement

Employers have long described employee morale as the attitude, emotional connection, and satisfaction of employees while they're on the job. However, organizational leaders and management often monitored morale solely based on employee retention and productivity. 


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