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Meaningful Gestures of Appreciation

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Simple, Yet Meaningful

The Gift of Choice 

Don't negate the positive effects of a service award by choosing a gift that is not valued or appreciated. 

Our service award programs allow your employees to shop hundreds of brands that are meaningful and relevant to them.

Our Top Brands


It can be challenging to streamline service awards for your organization.  Our simple automation keeps unnecessary administrative burdens off your plate.

Automated Years of Service Program from C.A. Short Company.

Service Award Programs

How It Works 



Our team will work with you to personalize your award portal and collateral to personify your brand -- so your employees know whom to thank. 



Our automation ensures an employee receives their service award on their anniversary, and your managers are notified beforehand. 



Whether you choose to send your awards digitally or the traditional way, we will guarantee your service awards are ready to roll for you to present them. 

You can either send them through the platform or deliver them in person. 



Your employees can instantly redeem their award once they log in to your site. C.A. Short Company makes it as simple as possible! 


C.A. Short Company uses a Guaranteed Fixed Budget Control pricing method to eliminate budget overages typically seen in the recognition industry. 

Award choices include 33 different pricing levels to fit your budget needs while ensuring your employees will find an award they love. 

The awards in each level are the same price, giving you complete control and security of your budget.

C.A. Short Company Service Award Pricing

Warranty & Return Policy

Every service award comes with a one-year warranty and a 90-days, no questions asked return policy.

Foster a Culture of Appreciation 

Service awards are just a small part of your recognition strategy.

Our People Are Everything employee recognition platform allows you to appreciate every employee, every day -- through day-to-day, informal and formal recognition.