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Welcome to C.A. Short Company's People Are Everything Employee Recognition Platform

350x300_PAEtour1 (1)-2We know that designing and implementing an Employee Engagement Solution within your organization may seem overwhelming.

Experience and research both prove that increased employee engagement can dramatically and significantly improve core performance outcomes, as well as safety, profitability, productivity, and customer ratings within your organization and directly impact your bottom line - even in a down market.

That's why we built People Are Everything - to give you and your team all the tools you need to collaboratively and easily build a culture of engagement!

Benefits of the People Are Everything Employee Recognition Platform:

  • Build an engaged culture: People Are Everything is an inclusive internal communication portal where your employees recognize each other and express appreciation.
  • Encourage lifestyle changes virtually anywhere: Interaction through People Are Everything promotes positive participation in a team atmosphere across multiple locations, both near and far.
  • Social interaction with a purpose: Especially beneficial for distributed and remote workforces, People Are Everything fosters relationships through eCards and recognition of milestone events.
  • Measure success: Through surveys, benchmarking tools, and scoring, measure your return on investment on engaging your most valuable assets - your people!

See it in Action!

We would love to give you a personalized tour of People Are Everything and show you all the great tools your company could use to get engaged and impact not only your culture, but your bottom line as well.

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