Inspire, Engage, and Retain Your Employees

Because your people are everything.

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Our employee engagement and recognition platform is an innovative tool that allows you to encourage engagement and recognize your employees in multiple ways:

  • Build a culture of engagement
  • Provide social interaction
  • Encourage bi-directional communication
  • Measure program & initiative success
  • Promote positive behavior change
  • Stimulate peer-to-peer recognition 
  • Allow employees to redeem points for name brand rewards 

Feel free to view our 5-minute platform overview to see if it meets your needs.

The Key Benefits of C.A. Short's Employee Engagement Platform

Build an Engaged Culture

People Are Everything is your inclusive internal communications platform to enable your employees to recognize one another and express appreciation in a collaborative and social way.

Encourage Lifestyle Changes Virtually Anywhere

Interaction through People Are Everything promotes positive participation in a team atmosphere across multiple locations, both near and far. This “social interaction with a purpose” is especially beneficial for distributed workforces and fosters relationships through eCards and recognition of milestone events.

Measure Success & Program Impact

Reporting is available at all organizational levels using our Administrator and Manager tools. Your employees can see their engagement score and achievement badges for themselves and their peers.

To learn more about C.A. Short's employee engagement platform, please fill out the form to schedule a demo of our platform.