2 Wall Charts: Leading Versus Lagging Indicators


How Confident Are You with Your Organization's Safety Culture?

Leading indicators are more predictive of future performance results and an incentive solution that supports leading indicators is OSHA® compliant.

While pursuing a Culture of Safety, it is crucial to effectively track and monitor the efficiency of your programs. Measuring Safety Performance - accurately and reliably - is the key to desirable workplace safety levels over the long term.

C.A. Short Company's Leading Versus Lagging Indicators wall charts intend to help organizations achieve and sustain a Culture of Safety by providing them information essential for an accurate assessment and improvement of their Safety Process.

These 2 wall charts will help you understand the following:

  • The Indicator tools that your organization may use in measuring Safety Performance

  • The unique needs of your organization to be considered when designing impactful metrics

  • The importance of a perfectly balanced reactive and proactive approach in sustaining a successful workplace Safety Program

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