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Breaking the Mold: How SafegagementTM Is Revolutionizing the CPG Sector

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Harness the Power of Safegagement in the CPG Sector

It’s Time to Revolutionize the CPG Sector

C.A. Short Company has spent nearly a century helping companies within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector protect their products, profits, and – most importantly – their people.

We've worked with transportation companies to reduce their record-high levels of turnover, manufacturing businesses to dramatically reduce on-the-job safety incidents, and warehousing organizations to significantly improve their ability to attract and retain reliable labor.

And we've accomplished it all through the power of Safegagement.

What is Safegagement?

Safegagement is based on a simple but powerful formula: Safety + Engagement = Safegagement. By committing to improve both safety and engagement, instead of traditional plans that focus on one of these key areas, companies improve safety, reduce costs, and boost profits like never before.

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