On-Demand WebCast:
"Safegagement: Creating Safe Companies that Thrive"


On-Demand WebCast with Jeff Ross, CEO & CFO
of C.A. Short Company


Discover "Safegagement" and its invaluable role in creating safe companies that thrive. 

Watch Jeff Ross introduce his new concept, Safegagement - a dynamic approach which focuses on emotional connections, behaviors and engaging employees - that will take Workplace Safety and Employee Engagement to a whole new level.

In this webcast you will learn how to:

  • The 5 components of Safegagement and how these elements work together to create a thriving safety culture

  • How intensified engagement reduces incident costs and increases bottom line

  • The crucial features of an effective safety incentive solution and how to  accurately measure its performance

Don't get left behind!

Ross has leveraged decades of research to develop this approach, a concept that will redefine Workplace Safety and Workforce Engagement.

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