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"Safegagement: Creating Safe Companies that Raise Engagement, Reduce Accidents, and Increase the Bottom Line"

In our webcast, you will learn about "Safegagement" and its invaluable role in creating safe companies that thrive. 

Don't be fooled by thinking safety programs are costly endeavors. For every $1 spent on safety incentive solutions, you can expect a $4-5 return on your bottom line. It's more costly not to implement one! Not just for your pocket book, but the health of your employees.   

Watch Brent Lee introduce C.A. Short Company's concept, Safegagement - a dynamic approach which focuses on emotional connections, behaviors, and engaging employees. This approach can take your workplace safety and employee engagement to a whole new level.

In this webcast, Brent covers:

  • The 5 components of Safegagement and how these elements work together to create a thriving safety culture

  • How intensified engagement reduces incident costs and increases your bottom line

  • The crucial features of an effective safety incentive solution and how to  accurately measure its performance

  • How to design and implement OSHA-compliant safety incentive programs
  • Real results from a case study on one of our clients

  • And many more actionable insights!

Start Saving More Lives (and Money) with Safegagement!

C.A. Short Company has leveraged decades of research to develop this approach. Ensure your employees make it home safe by redefining your Workplace Safety and Workforce Engagement.

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Learn more about the Presenters

Brent-Lee-TL.pngBrent Lee, National Account Manager, C.A. Short Company 
Brent Lee has worked with human resources executives and safety directors to design, implement and manage high-impact safety incentive programs for over a dozen years. Lee graduated from North Carolina State University, with a BS in business management and finance, and is a certified recognition professional (CRP) from Recognition Professionals International. In his free time, he loves exploring the great outdoors and spending time with his family.



Alan Ferguson, Associate Editor, Safety+Health Magazine 
Alan Ferguson covers worker safety for Safety+Health magazine. He will moderate the session. 


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