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At Braun Recognition Group and C.A. Short Company, we build places where employees love to work by making it as easy as possible for companies to manage rewards and recognition programs. 
As the leading employee engagement platform provider in the US, clients and our own people rightly hold us to the highest standards in engagement practice and company behavior. The engagement of BRG/CA SHORT is fundamental in providing improve the degree to which employees and clients with the best levels of service in the industry.
We know that engaged employees build better, stronger, more resilient organizations. Bridging the engagement gap between employers and employees leads to people being more productive, more innovative and able to make better decisions – because they are engaged.
With our platform you will not incur costs to use or costs to develop.  No die or design costs, no upfront costs, no web cost or administration fees.  We are a technology driven recognition award company providing effective recognition programs We Engage for Results. Effective Recognition award programs cause improvements in company culture and employee engagement, which then drives longer employee tenure.  Findings also revealed that years of service award programs improve the degree to which employees experience the feeling the company cares about them, they fit in, and belong to the organization.  Fitting in an belonging is just as important to employees as income when determining to stay or leave the company. 
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