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An Engaged Healthcare Team: Higher Revenue, Lower Costs, and Greater Profits

For every 10% increase in engagement, mortality rates decrease by 2.4 percentage points


When you made the decision to enter healthcare, it probably wasn't due to your love of quarterly revenue reports or your desire to increase the profit margins at your local hospital. More than likely, you chose a career in healthcare because you wanted to make a difference in the world around you -- you wanted to save lives.

The good news is, these aren't mutually exclusive desires! 

When you provide better care, you can save lives and make MORE money.

When turnover is reduced, your hospital saves a fortune and your patients receive better care.

When a patient’s satisfaction level soars, so do your profits!

And it all starts by engaging and recognizing your employees.

Our complimentary eBook & Wall Chart, “An Engaged Healthcare Team: Higher Revenue, Lower Costs, and Greater Profits,” will show you how you can increase profits while simultaneously improving the quality of care your patients receive. When your healthcare team is engaged, patients and shareholders both win! 

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How the engagement levels of doctors, nurses and staff can impact your bottom line
  • How to leverage employee engagement for the good of your patients, co-workers and shareholders
  • 20 + tips on how you can engage every member of your healthcare team

  • Much More 

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