Complimentary On-Demand WebCast --  From Patients to Profits: How Employee Engagement is Revolutionizing Healthcare


Did you know that over 250,000 people per year die from preventable medical errors? How about the fact that in 2015 the federal government fined over 2,600 hospitals for having too many readmissions? The same year they also withheld over $370 million in Medicare payments for high rates of Hospital-Acquired Conditions. 

Did you also know that employee engagement could have helped prevent this?

Check out our FREE On-Demand WebCast, "From Patients to Profits: How Employee Engagement is Revolutionizing Healthcare," and learn how your company can save lives, save headaches, and save money through the power of employee engagement.  

By watching this On-Demand WebCast, you'll also learn:

  • How employee engagement has been proven to reduce readmission rates, hospital-acquired conditions and mortality rates
  • The impact engagement has on patient safety, health care quality, and profits
  • The steps your company can take to start creating a Culture of Engagement today  

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