Complimentary Wall Chart: Getting Started on Healthy Living in the Workplace

It's Time to Get Started on Healthy Living.

CAS-35Ways-HealthyLiving-Poster-01Healthy employees are happy employees. But, often times living the lifestyle they want can be harder than it looks. Especially, if the office kitchen is lined with donuts, coffee, candy bars and potato chips. If you want employees to make positive lifestyle changes, encourage them to do so by supporting their efforts across the board.

This Wall Chart, from C.A. Short Company's FREE eBook, 35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture and Increase Your Bottom Linewill offer guidance on how your organization can take the steps necessary to create a healthy environment for your employees.

This Wall Chart will help your organization determine:

  • What employee activities you should award with an incentive-based point system

  • What healthcare plans you should select to ensure that employees are rewarded for healthy behavior

  • What you should keep in your break room to encourage healthy eating

Ready to Get Started?

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