Complimentary eBook: The Missing Link


Proven Techniques That Can Save Your Company Millions!

The Missing Link eBook, written by Chuck Davis, founder of C.A. Short Company, with Jeff Ross, President of C.A. Short Company, and Jim Barr, details how you can change your company's safety culture and sustain, over the long-term, reductions in workplace injuries by incorporating the 10 Essential Elements of Safety Awareness. This eBook is a must read for all organizations that are looking to revamp, enhance, and evolve their organizational safety program.

The Missing Link eBook demonstrates:

  • The 10 Essential Elements to Safety Awareness

  • How to Invest in Safety Programs

  • Measuring and Recognizing Employees for Safety Engagement 

  • The Benefits to Developing A Safety Incentive Program

  • The Safety Awareness Assessment Tool

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