Employee Engagement for Educational Organizations

Engage Those Who Engage Others 

Higher education institutions have a long provided faculty and staff with symbolic gestures of tenure such as pins and plaques. However, institutions are now looking to go beyond simple emblematic recognition and have begun to see the value in a true employee engagement strategy that is meant to recognize, develop, and retain top employees.

The goals of higher education institutions in terms of engagement are truly based on the enterprise engagement model. Universities and colleges want to find ways to not only create meaningful interactions that engage their faculty and staff but their students, as well as their involvement in the community and school-sponsored events.

Employee engagement in the higher education industry is meant to develop the same level of enthusiasm and loyalty, as school sporting events do for their dedicated fans. By building a strong belief in the organization’s values, missions, and goals, higher education institutions are able to build a culture of engagement that extends beyond the campus and that creates an organizations that is viewed as an employer of choice among prospective employees.

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