Employee Engagement for the Manufacturing Industry

Profitability Begins with Your People

The manufacturing industry is facing new and challenging demands as they rebound from a decade of layoffs, offshoring, and plant closures. Coupled with an increase of both production and back office automation, manufacturing organizations are struggling to regain employee confidence and build a strong culture of engagement throughout their facilities.

Consumer expectations have also shifted the priorities of manufacturers. With the competitive landscape of the industry, customers are demanding lower cost, higher quality products. These demands are forcing manufacturers to increase investments of technology and lean manufacturing processes in order to improve business performance and margins.

Forward thinking manufacturing organizations have realized that the most important factor driving profitability is the ongoing training and development of their employees. In order to create a highly engaged workforce that impacts margins and profitability, organizations must realize that increasing employee engagement requires a change in organizational culture. 

The Right Seat on the Bus

With a shift from direct operations to machinery control roles, manufacturers must ensure that they have the right employees in the right job. By providing ongoing training and career development resources, organizations are able to impact key business challenges such as turnover and productivity.

Staying Healthy & Safe

With an average injury and illness rate nearly 25% higher than other US workers, manufacturers must invest in employee safety and wellness programs that are crucial in impacting safe outcomes. Although manufacturing is a dangerous industry, employee engagement and recognition can make conditions much safer. Here are just a few ways companies with high levels of engagement outperform peers with low levels of engagement:

  • 70% fewer safety incidents
  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 40% less quality defects 
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 21% higher profitability 
  • plus much more

When manufacturers have an engaged workforce that knows their value to the company and have their personal and practical needs met, they will have more satisfied and loyal employees, increased profits, and higher quality products. If you're looking to make your company a safer, more prosperous place, we hope that you consider working with C.A. Short Company. Whether you have a question about employee engagement and recognition, want specific advice for creating a Culture of Engagement, or simply want to say hi, let's chat. 


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