Bill Harris

VP of Corporate Development

Bill joined C. A. Short Company in June 2016 as its Vice President of Corporate Development. Bill has served in a number of executive roles over his 25+ year career in professional services and technology, most recently serving as Chief of Staff of CodeScience and Chief Strategy Officer of EnablePath. Bill’s organization at C.A. Short Company includes the Sales Consulting, Professional Services, and Client Services teams. Additionally, Bill oversees numerous programs and initiatives aimed at process improvements, the introduction of new service and product offerings, and technology advancements – all designed to give our clients the very best experience. Bill attended Southwest Texas State University, and holds numerous technology and professional certifications. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Recent Posts

Want to Protect Your Employees’ Private Data? Employee Engagement Can Help

Target. Equifax. Whole Foods. By now, it should come as no surprise that the private data of Americans is at great risk. But, what you might not know, is up to 50% of identity theft originates at an employee’s place of business. As a result of greed, malice or just plain carelessness, around half of victims had their identities stolen when they were simply trying to do their job. While a company’s first reaction might be to beef up their IT department and issue new security protocols – and they should – this fails to address the entire issue. To be certain your employees’ personal data is as secure as possible, you must also boost employee engagement.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies

Safegagement™: Creating a Safe Workplace through an Engaged Workforce

Are you looking to create a safer workplace, while increasing your profits and productivity along the way? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve heard from so many of you over the past few months, we’ve decided to host a WebCast just for you! Join us for our complimentary WebCast , “Safegagement™: Creating a Safe Workplace through an Engaged Workforce.”

We’ll be discussing the issues that matter most to your company – like leading vs. lagging indicators, as well as designing and implementing an OSHA-compliant safety incentive. If you’re ready to sign up now, just click here! Want a little more info first? No problem, keep on reading.


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Physician Engagement: The Key to Profit, Productivity and Patient Satisfaction

A Tale of Two Doctors 

They both went to medical school. They both graduated top of their class. They’re both respected by their peers and community. But, only one successfully identified a rare condition in the same patient. The other doctor failed to diagnose an illness that could have cost the patient her life.

It wasn’t because one was smarter than the other or went to a better school or even because one cares more about their patients. The reason for the misdiagnoses in this case was simple – one doctor wasn’t as engaged. 


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