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C.A. Short Company partners with companies to manage, drive and facilitate increased employee engagement to increase financial performance, productivity, quality, and core performance outcomes. Our process and research-based platform enables executives and managers to engage their teams to increase the bottom line, motivate staff, and incentivize positive behavior. To Request a Complimentary Consultation, click here.

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How to Maintain Employee Appreciation Initiatives in a Virtual Environment

We understand that it can be difficult to encourage your employees and reward them adequately for their efforts in a virtual setting. While sending a chat message or email to say thank you is always appreciated, it does not always provide the same sense of belonging and comradery that comes with being in a traditional office. 

Usual activities are unable to take place, vacations are turning into staycations, and nights spent on the town are now nights spent on the couch. However, spending time at home is not all bad. Many individuals have taken this time to brush up on their baking skills, clean out that one messy closet everyone seems to have, take up a new hobby, and most importantly, spending more time with close family and relatives.


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How Can My Company Improve Employee Engagement?

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Employee Engagement?
  3. The State of Employee Engagement
  4. The Benefits of Employee Engagement
  5. Measuring Employee Engagement
  6. The Fundamental Elements of Employee Engagement
  7. The Building Blocks of Employee Engagement
  8. 11 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement at Your Company
  9. Next Steps

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