Cheri' Lucas

Coach Cheri’ is a coach in all of life, always and forever coaching herself to be better each day than the day before. She is passionate about growing and expanding herself. Her daily routines are filled with prayer and meditation, extensive gratitude journaling, yoga and yoga therapy, reading, listening to podcasts, and breathing in the moment. Some of her favorite extracurricular activities are dancing, walking the beach, playing games at her weekly Girls’ Game Night and frequent Girls Only Weekends, exploring cultural events and venues, binge-watching Hallmark movies, and experiencing the rush of high-speed boating.

Recent Posts

Employee Wellness in the COVID-19 Era

Two Employee Pitfalls to Anticipate and Prevent

A recent Gallup poll revealed that, historically, well-being and engagement have gone hand-in-hand; however, the current pandemic has produced a new phenomenon:  a divergence in employee well-being and employee engagement


Topics: Health & Wellness Programs, engagement

What's Virtual Meeting Fatigue? And How to Combat It

Here we are well over a year into the new world order of COVID-19 protection and prevention. For most of us, this means working from home part or all the time. Working from home brings with it a multitude of stressors.


Topics: Employee Well-being