Jeff Ross, CPA, CRP, CSM

Mr. Ross, a certified public accountant, joined the C.A. Short Company as its controller in June 1993 and was named Chief Financial Officer in November 1996. From there, Jeff was promoted to President and Chief Financial Officer, and in 2017, was appointed CEO. Before joining C.A. Short Company, Ross was employed as an accountant by Hausser + Taylor, a large public accounting and consulting firm. Jeff presently serves on the Board of Directors of 2XSalt Ministries, Charlotte, NC and is a member of North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants, The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Ross graduated from The Ohio State University with Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in 1989.


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5 Best Practices for Delivering Constructive Feedback

The other day, I was struck by an article I saw in The Wall Street Journal. As someone who has worked in the employee engagement, recognition, and safety industry for the last 25 years, seeing a title like The Rare Workers Who Thrive on Negative Feedback struck a chord with me.

It got me thinking about why so many companies today struggle to deliver quality feedback to their employees. Today’s article will take a closer look at why “negative” feedback is so important, as well as five ways you can make the greatest possible impact when communicating with your employees.


Topics: Employee Engagement, feedback, Communication

ProcessMAP and C.A.Short Company Launch a Unified Solution for Proactive Safety Management

Earlier this year we met internally to talk about how we see our role in safety incentives in the workplace. And the one thing we all kept coming back to is that we are "all-in" on helping organizations build a culture of safety that drives increased performance and job loyalty.

That's why we took our OSHA-Compliant Safety Incentive Program to the next level by partnering with ProcessMAP, the industry's leading data intelligence cloud platform for Risk, Health, and Safety Management.


Topics: Incentivized Safety Programs, employee safety

The Main Reasons For High Turnover... and Solutions to Help

If an organization's culture produces a high turnover rate, the result is excessive recruitment and training costs. Research shows that employers spend up to 30 percent of the average employee annual salary for each turnover.

This means for every position that pays $10 an hour, it could cost around $3,000 to hire and train someone new. TweetThis!


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies

What Does the New OSHA® “Look Back” Ruling Mean for Repeat Violations?

Fines are on the rise, an agency is on a mission, and a landmark court decision is shaking everything up. What does all this mean for you? If OSHA® determines your business is a “repeat violator,” it could cost you an enormous amount in fines – regardless of when the violations occurred.


Topics: OSHA Fines, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives

SMARTER KPIs for a SMART Safety Incentive Program?

When it comes to a safety incentive program, what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should we be following? Choosing the right KPIs will rely on a good understanding of what is important to the organization and the defined strategy of the organization. A KPI is a metric that is tied to a target and represents where you are compared to where you would like to reside.

The S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Standard

In defining your organization’s KPIs, it is important to remember the S.M.A.R.T Rule that defines the 5 conditions of a good KPI. But according to the KPI Library, GREAT Key Performance Indicators need to follow the S.M.A.R.T.E.R standard to truly be valued.


Topics: Safety

OSHA® Update: Increased Fines & Inspections, Despite Fewer Investigators

OSHA®, the regulatory agency whose mission it is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for U.S. employees, finds itself back in the news this month. This time it isn’t due to mandatory penalty increases or the fact that the bureau is still awaiting the approval of a new chief. Instead, it’s about the recent increase in inspections, despite the fact that there are notably fewer inspectors on the ground.


Topics: Employee Engagement, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, OSHA Fines, Osha

Create a Win and Avoid Loss Through Employee Engagement

How much do your employees really care about your company? Do they see their role as an integral part that contributes to the success of your business? Do they feel the company’s success is their success?

Not only do people want to be valued, they also want to feel valuable. That’s really the essence of employee engagement. Sure, people work for a paycheck, but they really want much more than that. Cultivating and nurturing employee engagement can create outcomes that benefit everyone – including greater job satisfaction, higher productivity, and other important gains.


Topics: Employee Engagement

Big Changes Coming to OSHA®: Increased Fines and New Chief

The New Year may have just begun, but if your industry is regulated by OSHA®, you could see some major changes soon. Violators can expect to pay higher penalties for offenses in 2018, as the agency adjusts to inflation. That’s not the only difference you’ll notice this year. Soon, there will be a new chief in town, as President Trump’s nominee will be moving forward to Senate confirmation.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Employee Engagement & Recognition Company

Organizations across the globe are looking to make 2018 the most profitable year on record, and for many of these companies, this will include investing in an employee engagement and recognition program. If this description applies to you, the first thing you likely discover is that the market is saturated with programs claiming they’re the best solution. However, many of these platforms fail to deliver the results organizations are seeking. These shortcomings are why it’s essential you ask the following questions before partnering with any employee engagement and recognition company.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition

Number of Employees Receiving Points-Based Rewards Set to Increase in 2018

For more than 80 years, C.A. Short Company has been an industry leader in the employee engagement and recognition industry. And over that time, we’ve learned that one of the most effective means of creating an engaged and safe workplace is through offering a points-based incentive program to your employees. As it turns out, we aren’t alone in our thinking.

Study after study has concluded that rewarding and recognizing employee behavior that’s consistent with a company’s core values is the best way to achieve desired results. But, many businesses still have their reservations. To see why this may be the case, let’s take a look at the findings of a new report.


Topics: Instant Award Recognition, Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement

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