Jimmy Spencer, CRP

Sales Consulting Manager

Jimmy Spencer has been assisting Human Resources Executives & Safety Directors design, implement, and manage high impact employee recognition programs that engage employees and align with organizational culture for over 17 years. Jimmy served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years before joining C.A. Short Company. He graduated from Limestone College, with a BS in Business Management and has earned his Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) accreditation from Recognition Professionals International. He enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor sports.
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Using Points-Based Rewards Programs for Maximum Potential

Points-based reward programs are highly effective in influencing employee behaviors, whether that is engagement, productivity, safety, wellness or other types of outcomes. But, why does it work? Let’s dive more into the reasoning behind why points-based rewards are effective for helping employees to reach their full potential.


Topics: Total Recognition, Points Program

Elon Musk: Creating a Safer Environment Through Engagement & Compassion

From developing the first electric sports car to attempting to colonize Mars, if there’s one thing you can say about Elon Musk it’s that he is a true innovator. But, despite his visionary-level status, not all is perfect in the house of Musk. According to a recent report by Worksafe, a California-based nonprofit that specializes in worker safety, Tesla’s Freemont, CA plant has a seriously high injury rate – more than 30 percent higher than the national average. So, how is Elon tackling the problem? Through employee engagement!


Topics: Safety, Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies, Boosting Productivity, Safegagement, Culture of Engagement

From Patients to Profits: The Staggering Cost of Disengagement in Healthcare

Patients desperately seeking treatment wind up getting worse, not better. Good nurses and doctors who sacrificed their lives to pursue a career in healthcare get so burned out they leave the industry they once loved. Hospitals that once prospered by providing their community with state of the art care now shutter their doors because they can no longer afford to operate.

These are not hypothetical scenarios, they’re what we’ve seen happen far too many times. Yes, we’ve seen the opposite too. C.A. Short Company has been blessed to work with some of the nation’s leading hospitals – ones who decided employee engagement would be a top priority and not just a bullet point on a meeting agenda.

This article isn’t about them -- or for that matter -- us.

It’s about what happens when employee engagement isn’t a priority. It’s about what happens when well-intentioned folks cause more harm than good. But, above all, it’s about how there’s still time to do better.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Healthcare, Boosting Productivity, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Experience, Healthcare Industry, Health care