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Laura Hudson, The Bald Marketer, comes to us with nearly 20 years of marketing experience. She started her Marketing career in the Music industry and in 1999 she was named the SGMA Radio Promoter of the Year. She is a lover of all things marketing and spends her spare time blogging her thoughts and ideas. Prior to joining our team, she was the Marketing Director of a Charlotte-based Production Company. Laura’s motto is, “A good idea is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be mine.” She believes in giving credit where credit is due.
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a new way...

In celebration of our 80th Anniversary, we are excited and proud to present to you a new look to our C.A. Short Company branding. Although we love how it looks, it's so much more than a cosmetic makeover. Our new branding tells our story. That story is that at 80 Years Old, we are still brand new with our ideas and innovations.


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Create a Win and Avoid Loss Through Employee Engagement

How much do your employees really care about your company?

Do they see their role as an integral part that contributes to the success of your business? And do they feel the company’s success is their success?

Not only do people want to be valued, they also want to feel valuable. That’s really the essence of employee engagement. Sure, people work for a paycheck, but they really want much more than that. Cultivating and nurturing employee engagement can create outcomes that benefit everyone – including greater job satisfaction, higher productivity and other important gains.


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Put Recognition Points to Work

When it comes to points-based rewards and recognition programs, there are basically two types of people: those who use their points right away after receiving a reward from their manager, or those who bank their points waiting for just the right time, opportunity or that one certain item they’ve had their eye on.

There’s no wrong or right in regards to these two different types of employees. The only wrong in this equation is to not use your points. By not using recognition points, you’re missing out on the opportunity to feel the full effect of recognition.


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Should You Hire More Female Managers? Engagement Study Says YES

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, it looks like women are winning – especially in regards to workplace engagement. A new study finds that females, on average, are far more engaged at their jobs than their male counterparts. Further, teams who report to female managers are also noticeably more engaged than those who work for males.


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A Simple Thank You (at Work)



Last evening, I sat thinking about all the wonderful people I’ve worked with over the years. I thought about the managers who’ve helped me learn and achieve new things, and the teams I’ve personally coached. I thought about the good and the bad.

This kind of reflection almost always brings me back to a place of gratitude because it reaffirms that my workplace isn’t just about business.  It’s about the people. It’s about the relationships. It’s about the challenges and the growth. It’s about all the things we often take for granted like a simple thank you, feeling supported, having our efforts recognized and acknowledged, being listened to and having the opportunity to be creative.

The list could go on.

One study from the Predictive Index asked employees of multiple companies what their coworkers, team members, managers and leaders do that makes them grateful to work with and for them.


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Working at a Job You Hate Can Be Worse than Being Unemployed

Did you know that working at job you hate can actually be worse on your mental health than being unemployed? A major study suggests that a poor working environment can have detrimental effects on your overall well-being, especially when it comes to your mental health. 


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OSHA® Breaks Tradition, Asks for Help in Identifying Leading Indicators

C.A. Short Company has long advocated the use of leading indicators as a means of creating a safe work environment. It turns out that OSHA® -- the Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- shares our beliefs so much that they are now turning to the public for help in identifying safety and health indicators in the workplace.


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Bad for Business: American Workers Forfeit Over $250 Billion in Time Off

A shocking new report reveals that American workers are sacrificing around $272 million worth of vacation time. This is troubling not only for the employees, who risk burning out, but it’s also bad for their companies, who can see a decrease in both productivity and their bottom line.


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Why Customer Service Week Matters

Great customer service is at the heart of every strong company. From Amazon to Zappos, companies that truly care about their customers will do whatever it takes to attract them and keep them happy. The same principle applies to both consumer-facing and business-to-business companies.

The challenge of keeping customers happy often falls on customer service representatives (also known as CSRs), which can be a tough task indeed. Whether they are working in a call center, a retail location or in another capacity, CSRs often face angry or disgruntled customers, long days and many problems they must help resolve. It can feel like a thankless job.


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35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture: Social Experiences

The following excerpt comes from C.A. Short Company’s FREE eBook, 35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture and Increase Your Bottom Line.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the importance of Social Experiences in the work place and offer up a suggested activity that will help create a Culture of Engagement at your company.   


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35 Ways to Influence Corporate Culture and Increase Your Bottom Line CTA

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