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Interim Marketing Director

Laura Hudson, The Bald Marketer, comes to us with nearly 20 years of marketing experience. She started her Marketing career in the Music industry and in 1999 she was named the SGMA Radio Promoter of the Year. She is a lover of all things marketing and spends her spare time blogging her thoughts and ideas. Prior to joining our team, she was the Marketing Director of a Charlotte-based Production Company. Laura’s motto is, “A good idea is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be mine.” She believes in giving credit where credit is due.
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The Moment I Became Disengaged

Before coming to C.A. Short Company to lead their Marketing Team, I had a great job.  I left that job to come here.  My reason for throwing my name in the hat for a new opportunity was that I had identified myself as a disengaged employee.  To tell the story, I need to start at the beginning.

It was a Sunday afternoon in the Fall and the company was so busy during the week that they requested I come in on a Sunday for an interview.  I had lunch with my family and drove to the office from there.  The drive in was my first impression of this opportunity.  I noticed the trees.  They were beautiful.  It was October in the Carolinas and the Fall leaves were so welcoming.  I remember thinking to myself, "I would love to make this drive every day."  When I walked in the building for my first (and only) interview, it felt like home. As I spoke to the owning partners, it felt natural and we were all passionate about what I would bring to the table.

They offered me the job in that first interview and I accepted it.  I wanted to call this my home.  I wanted to make these people my work family.  This feeling of peace and joy lasted for quite a while.  


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