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Author of “Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive High Performance.” Paul helps organizations design and execute workforce solutions that tap into the passion, creativity, and commitment of their people. With over 16 years of experience supporting organizations achieve amazing results through employee engagement, leadership development, and talent management.
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It’s Okay to Bring Humanity to the Workplace

I’m going to tell you a true story with an important lesson—it is OK to bring your humanity to work and treat people decently. The best leaders, what Jim Collins called “Level-5 leaders” in his book, Good to Great, are humble, respectful, and deeply connected to their people.


Business Excellence Starts with a Noble Purpose Beyond Making Money

When I am asked, “Paul, how can I improve productivity and achieve sustained business success?” I give an unconventional reply— “Sustained success starts with a noble purpose beyond making money.” Without a noble purpose, I explain, “All tasks degenerate into thankless, boring chores.”


Topics: Total Recognition

How to Create a Natural, Tribal Workplace

For my fourth and final blog in this series, C.A. Short Company asked me to discuss the single most important tip for activating an organization’s motivational engine. The engine was designed to function within a tribal setting, so creating such a setting is a MANDATORY first step for activating the engine.


It’s Time to Scrap “Scientific Management” and Replace it with NATURAL Management

In my last blog article I described a flawed system of management called “scientific management” that is harmful to everyone involved: shareholders, executives, managers, employees, customers, and society as a whole.


Topics: years of service, experiential rewards, sales incentives

How Did We Get Employee Motivation so Wrong?

In my previous blog article I defined intrinsic motivation as the, “five, natural pleasures of work.” I then made an outrageous claim, “Companies can double employee motivation, productivity and profits by simply activating the natural, productive pleasures wired into the human brain. I can almost feel your skepticism, “If it were that simple, wouldn’t everybody already pay employees this “magical,” free, intrinsic-reward bonus?


Topics: people are everything, Employee Appreciation, years of service

“Intrinsic Motivation" - Part One of Three: The Definition...

Hurray, it’s a beautiful day! I’ve been studying intrinsic motivation for 40 years and I’ve FINALLY been asked to write a blog post about it. Thank you Scott Russell, and C.A. Short Company, for this wonderful opportunity. Blog posts are short, and I’ve been known to drone on, so here is a BRIEF definition of intrinsic motivation.


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