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R Scott Russell is a video host, public speaker, and a sought-after thought leader in the world of employee engagement and recognition. At C.A. Short Company, he is responsible for producing engaging content, helping clients maximize the effectiveness of their programs, and providing ongoing training and education.
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Creating the Magic Moment; That's Employee Recognition

Sometimes, as managers, we forget about the value that even the simplest praise and recognition has to our employees. We forget that it is human nature to need reassurance from people that we look up to and respect. We forget how much people thrive when they feel appreciated. But the real value lies in HOW we show our appreciation, not just that we do it.

So, How Should We Effectively Recognize Employees?

By ensuring that your organization's employee recognition program not only reinforces the organization’s culture but achieves a higher level of engagement includes the following:

  • Builds self-esteem

  • Reinforces desired behaviors

  • Works to create an atmosphere of appreciation and trust

  • Promotes empowerment and involvement

  • Creates loyalty to a company

  • Includes all people and in a form that resonates with them


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Recognition is Essential to Driving Employee Engagement

Engaging your people. It’s the key to improving your workplace culture and the payoff is real for both your employees and your company. Employees are happier and more productive, high performers tend to stay longer and your company is more successful in recruiting high potential candidates.  And of course, these things all positively impact the bottom line.

If engagement drives all these positive results, then what drives Employee Engagement? While there are many elements that go into an overall engagement strategy, at the top of the list is employee recognition. If recognition isn’t a major part of your engagement program, you really don’t have an engagement program.


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Appreciation, work anniversary, years of service, employee milestones

Social Media in the Workplace: Your Secret Weapon for Employee Engagement

Social Media. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s become an integral part of society-- including the modern workplace. And while there are plenty of negatives we could complain about, there are also advantages that can contribute to the overall growth of a healthy, supportive social structure within your workforce. If the thought of memes, inspirational quotes, and cute cats cluttering up the communication channels of your office make you break out in a cold sweat, just take a step back and give the concept a quick second look.


Topics: Employee Appreciation, Employee Awards, years of service

What to Consider When Changing Years of Service Award Providers

You have been given a difficult, time consuming task. It's time to review your service award provider and you know you need a change.

Oh how you dread that transition! You know that being held accountable for the success of your program is a huge responsibility. Seth Godin's Lizard Brain Principle tells us that sometimes it's easier putting up with an inferior product, than making a needed change. Well, we believe it should be easy and seamless. Don't fear, the answer is near!

What's Your #1 Objective?

Your number one objective is to have an experienced service award provider, right? By experienced, that means more than 15 years in this Industry. You need a provider who works with you to build a program that fits all of YOUR needs, not their's.

You need a vendor who:

  1. Is open to suggestions and personalization
  2. Is always moving forward with the generational transitions
  3. Can lead you with today’s best practices
  4. 100% on-time and
  5. Complete

Of course, we always turn to Recognition Professional International (RPI ) for our best practice standards. As our workforces change, so do our needs for our service award program.


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The Importance of Being a People-Centric Manager

We talk a lot here about employee recognition and engagement, but let’s be frank; a majority of responsibility for workplace environments, and by extension, the success of your workforce, falls on the shoulders of your managers. A study done under the direction of the National Institutes of Health puts it quite succinctly:

...It is often times believed that cultures are predetermined; however, this is a false assumption. It is crucial that managers at all levels are aware of their roles and responsibilities in upholding positive workplace environments that can increase employee satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is the major cause of turnover and can have detrimental cost and environmental effects on the agency.

It’s said that people leave managers, not companies. But on the other hand, employees who have a good relationship with their managers, and feel valued, supported, and fulfilled will often stay at a job in spite of higher pay opportunities elsewhere.


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Wellness is a Hot Topic: Are Your People Well?

If life has taught us anything, it’s that doing the right thing always pays off. This is especially true when it comes to caring for your company’s most vital resource – your employees. Increasingly, this means providing a comprehensive wellness program that encourages your team to focus on their health.


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Years of Service Programs Create Lower Employee Turn-Over, but...


Topics: Employee Recognition, peer-to-peer-recognition, Employee Appreciation, Employee Awards, years of service

How Do You Retain Top Millennial Talent? Employee Recognition Is Key

Killing department stores. Ruining beer sales. Putting avocados where they don’t belong. Millennials have been accused of doing a lot in recent years, but smart businesses realize the important role they play within their organization. While these companies would do anything to retain this top talent, they often find it challenging to do so. And, that’s because many organizations may be overlooking a key element – Employee Recognition.


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Culture of Engagement, peer-to-peer-recognition, Employee Appreciation, work anniversary, years of service, employee milestones

Years of Service Programs: Is Your's Really Working For You?

Only handing a well respected employee a high valued piece of acrylic with their name and their hire date engraved on it as a celebration of a decade of professional excellence has become a stereotype on par with putting an apple on the desk of the teacher on the first day of school. Expectations and needs have changed. Today’s employees have a much higher expectation of their employers than a teacher has for their eight-year-olds, and a teacher isn’t really going to go shopping around for a class with a better appreciation of their educational skills. So ask yourself, are your Years of Service Recognition habits up to the level of the talent you want to attract and retain? Or are you trying to recruit and engage the top-of-class in your field with nice shiny red apples?


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Rethinking Your Years of Service Needs

You submit your Years of Service Award employees to your recognition provider, but that is only the beginning of the Employee Recognition process. You need to make sure your employees are appreciated and engaged throughout the year. Here is where your provider should step in.

Opportunities to Celebrate Your Employees

Employees celebrate Service Award anniversaries every month, and if you don’t have a budget to have a formal event, at the very least, call your department together and present the awards in front of their co-workers. 

If you have a budget to have an event or can combine it with a holiday party, it is best to recognize employees in front of their peers. Come up with a new “theme” each year and design posters, banners, invitations, and eVites. An event should be about those not receiving awards, as well so that everyone in the company feels engaged and appreciated. 


Topics: Employee Recognition, Service Awards, Employee Recognition Strategies, work anniversary, years of service, employee milestones

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