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Scott Russell, CRP

Director of Client Success

As Director of Client Success, Scott oversees all facets of customer/client support. This includes the Client Services team, Professional Services team and all other engagement and recognition strategy support.

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Five Do's and Don’ts for Throwing Holiday Work Parties

Holiday work parties provide an awesome opportunity for your company to recognize your employees, their families, and the contributions they make to your organization. But, they can also get out of hand pretty quickly. C.A. Short Company’s list of Do’s and Don’ts is designed to ensure your employees have a blast, without dancing on the boss’ desk.

Let’s start off with the Do’s.


Topics: Holiday, Work Party

OPM Announce Federal Employee Engagement Rates Reach Six-Year High

A federal employee engagement level of 67%? That’s what the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) claims in the 2017 edition of their Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Acting Director Kathleen M. McGettigan was pleased to announce that engagement levels were at the highest they have been since 2011, but not everyone’s buying it. Before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at the survey itself.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition Strategies, Culture of Engagement, Public Sector

Five of the Worst Customer Service Appreciation Week Gifts and How to Avoid Them

Over our 80-year history in the employee engagement and recognition industry, C.A. Short Company has written extensively about how you can make the most of Customer Service Appreciation Week and give gifts your employees will treasure for years to come. This article will instead focus on some of the worst customer service appreciation week gifts we’ve seen, as well as how to avoid them. Because, let’s face it, no one wants a cheap pen with their name on it. 

In no particular order…


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Celebrate Customer Service, Appreciation

Celebrate 2017 Customer Service Week with These Cool Ideas [FREE GIFTS]

Working nights, weekends, and everything in between. Ensuring each customer walks away with a smile. And don’t even mention what one experiences during the holiday season. Customer service representatives might not have an easy job, but they do fulfill a major role for your company. 

For these reasons, among many others, it’s important you make the most of this year’s upcoming Customer Service Week, which will take place October 2nd – 6th. Although showing your employees they’re appreciated should be a year-round process, the following tips should help you make the most of the week.


Topics: Safety, Safegagement, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Osha, OSHA Fines

Learn More About Safegagement at the 2017 National Safety Council Congress and Expo

Will you be attending the 2017 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Indianapolis? Are you looking for ways to create the safest workplace possible, while increasing your profits and productivity along the way? Well, you’re in luck, because C.A. Short Company will be on hand to show you how to do just that. Be sure to swing by booth #4704, and our team of experts will be happy to share with you the power of Safegagement™!


Topics: Safety, #NSCExpo, Employee Engagement, Safegagement

Green Energy Jobs Aren’t as Safe as You Think, But Employee Engagement Helps

Green energy workers are on a mission -- they’re not just trying to power the planet, they’re trying to protect the earth. But, as we’ve seen so often, saving the world can be, and often is, a very dangerous job.

In addition to facing many of the same obstacles as the traditional energy industry, those who work in and around renewable energy sources face new challenges, some of which aren’t even fully understood. This article will take a look at some of those dangers. But, more importantly, it will examine how to create a safer work environment regardless of what you’re working on, in, or with, all by leveraging the power of Safegagement™.


Topics: Safety, Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Engagement Strategies, Boosting Productivity, Safegagement, Culture of Engagement, Green Energy Industry

Giving Employees Gifts During the Holidays: How We Do It

What to Give Employees for Holiday Gifts

For some reason, sitting down to write about what to give employee's for holiday gifts gave me writers block. It all seemed so boring and overdone. I just couldn’t seem to find the direction I wanted to go. Then I realized, I work at an employee recognition company who specializes, in part, regarding employee holiday gifts. I am writing about employee recognition programs. Why don’t I write about how MY actual company celebrates its own actual employees during the holiday season? I know. I know. I’m a little slow...


Topics: Employee Recognition, Holiday, Employee Recognition Strategies

Employee Engagement in Healthcare: 6 Tips to Engage Doctors, Nurses and Staff!

“To save lives.”

Over our 80-year history in the employee engagement industry, we’ve spoken with thousands of healthcare workers. From doctors and nurses to CEOs of the nation’s largest healthcare providers, we always like to ask, “Why did you enter healthcare?” The answer is almost always the same – to save lives!


Topics: Total Recognition, Employee Engagement, Healthcare, Nurses, Culture of Engagement, Healthcare Industry, Health care, Physician Engagement

Focusing on Patient Experience & Employee Engagement Results in Increased Safety, Revenue

Do you want to create a safer healthcare environment, all the while increasing your ROI? Then you’re in luck! A new report from the Harvard Business Review sheds light on how, exactly, healthcare in the United States has become safer, of higher quality, and more profitable for shareholders! By putting patient’s first, healthcare providers saw major gains across the board. It turns out, employee engagement was the key all along.

Here’s why. 


Topics: Employee Engagement, Healthcare, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Experience, Healthcare Industry, Health care

Start Planning Now for Fun and Meaningful Hospital Week and Nurses Week Activities

These individuals work some of the most demanding jobs there are physically, emotionally and spiritually – and it takes its toll on all medical staff. That’s why it is especially fitting that we celebrate National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week every year – to take the time to take care of the people who spend their careers taking care of us.


Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Healthcare

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