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Todd Shannon, VP of Sales and Marketing

Todd has over 25+ years of sales and sales leadership experience. He has helped Fortune 500 Companies grow exponentially. He’s worked to make the private sector prosper. He’s guided family businesses to new heights. He develops processes and systems enveloped in a culture of empathy, compassion and respect. “Create predictable models and success is imminent.” Todd is responsible for all that is sales, business development and account management here at C.A. Short Company.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Leaving Their Jobs in Record Numbers

Millennials are unlike any other generation in history. They are masters of social media. They are in tune with societal trends. And, above all, they are happy to walk away from their occupation in the hopes of finding a company that’s “a better fit.” In fact, 60 percent of millennials report they are presently open to a new job opportunity, and only 50 percent intend to remain at their current employer one year from now. Further, 36 percent report they will look for a job in the next 12 months if the economy improves, and one in five have already switched jobs at least once in the past year.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Millennial, Culture of Engagement

The Real Key to Employee Engagement Is Instant Values-Based Recognition


14,200,000. That’s how many results come up when you search for “employee engagement” on Google. 

As of late, there has been an explosion of interest when it comes to employee engagement. And, that’s with good reason. Reduced turnover rates, increased productivity, decreased safety incidents -- these are just a few of the benefits companies experience by focusing on employee engagement.


Topics: Employee Engagement, Instant Award Recognition, Employee Recognition Strategies, Culture of Engagement, Appreciation

From Fires to Fatalities: Why Engagement Matters to Water & Sewer Employees

When people think of the dangers involved in the Energy & Utilities industry, they usually envision collapsing mines or exploding oil rigs. Rarely do their minds drift to the Water & Sewer sector, but the truth is Water and Sewer employees face many on-the-job dangers as well. From fires to fatalities, accidents can -- and often do -- occur. 

Luckily, there is a way to minimize these risks. Today’s article will take a closer look at the challenges facing workers in the Water & Sewer sector, as well as steps companies can take to limit those challenges. Let’s get started.


Topics: Safety, Employee Engagement, OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives, Culture of Engagement, Water and Sewer, Energy and Utilities

Employee Engagement Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Trucking Industry?

You think you know the trucking industry like the back of your hand? Prove it. Test your knowledge about turnover rates, employee engagement, and much more with our ten-question quiz.

Sharpen those pencils, and let’s get started!


Topics: Safety, Employee Engagement, Safegagement, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Safety in the Trucking Industry

Ten Ways to Engage Your Truckers During National Truck Driver Week

They sacrifice their time, their social life, and in many cases, their bodies, all so we can get the products and supplies we need to live our lives. Each year, 3.5 million of these employees transport over 10 billion pounds of freight, and without them, our day-to-day lives wouldn’t resemble anything like they do now. That’s right, we’re talking about the unsung heroes -- truck drivers! This is why it’s so critical your trucking company makes the most of this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 10 – September 16). And, the best way you can do this is to start creating a Culture of Engagement and Recognition at your company. 

Although employee engagement and recognition is a continual process, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week provides a great opportunity to let your truckers know you care, while also laying the groundwork for a comprehensive employee engagement and recognition strategy. To help you accomplish this, we’ve outlined ten key ways you can start improving employee engagement levels at your organization today! 


Topics: Safety, Employee Engagement, Safegagement, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Safety in the Trucking Industry

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