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Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate Customer Service Week [October 4-8, 2021]

National Customer Service Week (NCSW) has been celebrated during the first full business week in October for more than 30 years.

This year’s theme is Celebrating the Heart of Service. Customer-facing employees play a vital role in developing life-long customers.


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The Four Stages of Employee Engagement

In our previous blog, we took a more in-depth look at Gallup’s revolutionary Q12 Survey and how its intentional—and labor intensive—design has lead to new and powerful insights regarding employee engagement. As part of the discussion, we also briefly mentioned how the order of the items deliberately ties into the Four Stages of Employee Engagement. This hierarchy represents the path any employee travels on their way to total engagement in the workplace. So, to further iterate just how important all of these stages are and why focus must be given to each one individually, let’s look deeper into what they represent for the employee.


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Healthcare Employee Recognition Weeks: Hospital Week and Nurses Week Appreciation Ideas

Hospital staff work some of the most demanding jobs there are physically, emotionally and spiritually – and it takes its toll on all medical staff. That’s why it is especially fitting that we celebrate National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week every year – to take the time, to take care of the people who spend their careers taking care of us.


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Benefits of Creating Employee Engagement through Change Management

Implementation of Change

Total Recognition Platforms have been shown time and time again to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and make employees genuinely feel a sense of appreciation from their organization. Announcing the adoption of a Total Recognition program to your employees should bring feelings of motivation, loyalty, and appreciation.


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How to Engage & Recognize Your Manufacturing Industry


When it comes to employee recognition, leaders often inadvertently focus on the wrong things. The goal should not be to find something that has always been done, plug it in, and walk away. Every organization and organizational culture is unique, thus requiring specific employee recognition needs. Your recognition program should not only fit, but thrive in your organization's culture. 

When looking at how to develop an employee recognition program and engage your workforce, it is imperative to incorporate the three elements of employee recognition: Formal, Informal, and Day-to-Day. It’s easy to say that something won’t work for an organization simply because it has never been done before. On the contrary, reaching past “how things have always been done” can have the potential to engage and grow your employees to new heights.


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4 Tips to Engage Your Remote or Contract Workforce in 2021

For employees, March of 2020’s sudden remote transition meant navigating the waters of turning their homes into their offices, learning what Zoom fatigue really means, and what to do when their child (furry or non) "interrupts" their meeting for the third time.

According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to.

You may be asking yourself, can my employees get as much done while working from their kitchen table? And the answer is yes, but their productivity levels could be even higher than pre-pandemic levels if they are engaged.


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Educate, Encourage, and Incentivize the COVID-19 Vaccination For Your Employees

A recent study, by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), found that employee benefits from absent workers caused by COVID-19 could cost employers more than $23 billion.


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Employee Turnover Rates: An Industry Comparison

Employee turnover happens when an individual leaves their company, and a new person is hired to fill the vacant role. The reasons and costs for the turnover may surprise you. 


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How to Engage Your Virtual Workforce in 2021

Workforce engagement is always important for your business, but it has probably never been as challenging to achieve and maintain as it is right now. Many businesses worldwide are still managing a fully or partially remote workforce while also toggling coronavirus prevention measures for on-site workers, making it difficult to focus on core organizational goals like employee engagement.


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10 Types of Employee Recognition Awards

Most people want to feel valued in various aspects of life, and work is certainly no exception. Since employees study, train, and strive to gain professional experience they can share with their employers, they need to know that their efforts are appreciated.


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