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8 Ideas to Appreciate Nurses During National Nurses Week [May 6-12, 2021]

American Nurses Association (ANA)’s National Nurses Week is celebrated each year from May 6th through May 12th. 


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Healthcare Employee Recognition Weeks: Hospital Week and Nurses Week Appreciation Ideas

Hospital staff work some of the most demanding jobs there are physically, emotionally and spiritually – and it takes its toll on all medical staff. That’s why it is especially fitting that we celebrate National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week every year – to take the time, to take care of the people who spend their careers taking care of us.


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Years of Service: Traditional Work Anniversary Awards

Part 1: The importance of celebrating work anniversaries with Years of Service awards

Part 2: Best practices for celebrating work anniversaries with years of service awards

Part 3: Working with a SaaS provider to implement your YOS awards


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Using Budget Control Pricing for Employee Recognition

C.A. Short is often asked the question, “Is it possible for you to give me a total cost analysis, down to the penny for our service award program?”. Most companies are shocked when our team is able to confidently answer them and say, “Yes, we can!”. 

The reason that organizations are surprised is that most employee recognition companies use what is called an “average pricing” model when designing service award programs. C.A. Short prefers to design employee recognition platforms with “budget control” pricing. Using this method means we are able to give our partners an exact number of what they can expect to spend and provide finite examples of rewards that are within their budget. In our opinion, this “average pricing” model is antiquated and, honestly, pretty deceptive.


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How to Engage & Recognize Your Manufacturing Industry


When it comes to employee recognition, leaders often inadvertently focus on the wrong things. The goal should not be to find something that has always been done, plug it in, and walk away. Every organization and organizational culture is unique, thus requiring specific employee recognition needs. Your recognition program should not only fit, but thrive in your organization's culture. 

When looking at how to develop an employee recognition program and engage your workforce, it is imperative to incorporate the three elements of employee recognition: Formal, Informal, and Day-to-Day. It’s easy to say that something won’t work for an organization simply because it has never been done before. On the contrary, reaching past “how things have always been done” can have the potential to engage and grow your employees to new heights.


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How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day Using Cheers for Peers

Each year on March 5, employers in the U.S. celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. It allows you to show your employees how much you value the work they do for your organization each day. There are no rules for this non-official celebratory day besides letting people know their value.

At C.A. Short, we celebrate workers on that same date. However, we focus on peer recognition through the increasingly observed Cheers for Peers Day, which has also become a nationally recognized, yet non-official professional appreciation day. Showing employee appreciation is the same for both days, but the method of doing so is somewhat different.

If you are thinking about switching over to Cheers for Peers this coming March 5, now is the time to discuss it and plan.

Here are some thoughts we want to share to get started.


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How to Tackle Peer-to-Peer Recognition and Social Recognition

Engaging employees and providing real-time recognition can be a challenge. There are many questions to consider such as, what are the best tools to boost employee engagement? How can you encourage peer-to-peer recognition in the most meaningful way? Let’s first start off by exploring what peer-to-peer recognition means.


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6 Tips to Ladder Safety in the Workplace

Workplace safety unites the interests of employers and employees, as no one wants to see injuries or lost time from preventable incidents on the job. A properly structured Safety Incentive Program not only decreases injuries and lost time, it also works to increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the statistics behind ladder incidents in construction.


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10 Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day (March 5, 2021)

Appreciation is a simple idea. Yet for busy and stressed-out leaders, it can be easy to put appreciation at the end of a to-do list. 

After all the hardships, uncertainty, and lack of face-to-face communication we've faced in 2020, showing appreciation to your employees on March 5 will be even more impactful.


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How Do You Foster Dignity and Respect at Work?

Creating a work environment that fosters a culture of positivity can often-times be quite challenging. To create a positive culture, the leaders of your organization must not only promote this behavior, they must also understand its importance. Employees who feel they are treated with respect and dignity are more engaged and productive than those who don’t. Let’s take a look at a case study where a hospital was able to improve its workplace culture and patient experience.


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