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What's Virtual Meeting Fatigue? And How to Combat It

Here we are well over a year into the new world order of COVID-19 protection and prevention. For most of us, this means working from home part or all the time. Working from home brings with it a multitude of stressors.


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Gallup Reports Historic Drop in Employee Engagement Following Record Rise

COVID-19 has forced our companies to adapt to changing work environments and try to continue to boost employee engagement while working remote. 

In early May, Gallup reported that employee engagement in the U.S. had accelerated to a new high. Only one month later, Gallup tracking has found the most significant drop recorded since the start of tracking in 2000. 

While this trend can be discouraging for managers, it’s important to analyze why this is happening and what we can do to fix it. 


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Why Is Employee Voice Important?

One key to a positive work environment is the ability for employees to feel comfortable and inspired. Environments that allow employees to express their ideas and collaborate openly with coworkers can boost employee morale and overall engagement. By encouraging employees and giving them a voice, you can foster a positive work culture and gain fresh and exciting new ideas. 


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Wellness is a Hot Topic: Are Your People Well?

If life has taught us anything, it’s that doing the right thing always pays off. This is especially true when it comes to caring for your company’s most vital resource – your employees. Increasingly, this means providing a comprehensive wellness program that encourages your team to focus on their health.


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Creating Transportation Years of Service Awards That Work


While many truckers will drive more than three million miles over the course of their careers, few do so while working for just one company...or even two. Yes, by all accounts, turnover rates in the transportation industry are staggering.


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Top Ways to Prevent Employees from Getting Sick During Flu Season

Employees are the backbone of every organization, and their performance is directly tied to your company’s bottom line. But, when your employees are sick, they can’t perform at their highest level, and it could cost your business big time. Lost productivity, missed work hours, and spreading their illnesses to other members of your team are just a few of the effects sick employees can have at your organization. For these reasons and many more, it’s imperative you take every action you can to ensure you have a safe and healthy workforce.

Here are five ways you can help achieve this.


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Promoting Well-Being & Work-Life Balance Is Essential to Retaining Millennials

When it comes to millennials in the workplace, many employers are at a loss for how to retain their talents. More than any other segment of workers, millennials are more likely to walk away from an occupation. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. A recent survey by Gallup illustrates the positive impact a company can have on retaining millennials when they help promote well-being and work-life balance in the workplace.


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The Moment I Became Disengaged

Before coming to C.A. Short Company to lead their Marketing Team, I had a great job.  I left that job to come here.  My reason for throwing my name in the hat for a new opportunity was that I had identified myself as a disengaged employee.  To tell the story, I need to start at the beginning.

It was a Sunday afternoon in the Fall and the company was so busy during the week that they requested I come in on a Sunday for an interview.  I had lunch with my family and drove to the office from there.  The drive in was my first impression of this opportunity.  I noticed the trees.  They were beautiful.  It was October in the Carolinas and the Fall leaves were so welcoming.  I remember thinking to myself, "I would love to make this drive every day."  When I walked in the building for my first (and only) interview, it felt like home. As I spoke to the owning partners, it felt natural and we were all passionate about what I would bring to the table.

They offered me the job in that first interview and I accepted it.  I wanted to call this my home.  I wanted to make these people my work family.  This feeling of peace and joy lasted for quite a while.  


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Three Ways to Accelerate Employee Engagement (Part 3)

This is the third entry in our three-part series on how to accelerate employee engagement. If you missed parts one or two, be sure to view them here (Part 1 / Part 2) prior to reading on.

As we’ve previously discussed, achieving total engagement is not an easy task. However, selecting the right candidates to activate your workforce and embracing employee strengths are the first two steps in uncovering real results. The final action we’ll discuss today revolves around the health and happiness of your employees, which can ultimately play a rather decisive role in your team’s overall effectiveness.


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