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Employee Holiday Programs: Start Early & Make It Personal

We all know that employee recognition is not a once-a-year event. However, the holidays are a great time to show appreciation for your employee’s hard work and dedication. In order to have a successful program, you need to make it personal and you have to start EARLY. Today we will be breaking down the importance of personalized employee holiday gifts and the positive effects they can have on your employee engagement. 


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Giving Employees Gifts During the Holidays: How We Do It

For some reason, sitting down to write about what to give employees for holiday gifts gave me writer's block. It all seemed so boring and overdone. I just couldn’t seem to find the direction I wanted to go. 

Then I realized, I work at an employee recognition company who specializes, in part, regarding employee holiday gifts. I am writing about employee recognition programs, why don’t I write about how MY actual company celebrates its own actual employees during the holiday season and provide examples of unique corporate gift ideas.


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Five Do's and Don’ts for Throwing Holiday Work Parties

Holiday work parties provide an awesome opportunity for your company to recognize your employees, their families, and the contributions they make to your organization. But, they can also get out of hand pretty quickly. C.A. Short Company’s list of Do’s and Don’ts is designed to ensure your employees have a blast, without dancing on the boss’ desk.

Let’s start off with the Do’s.


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Put Recognition Points to Work

When it comes to points-based rewards and recognition programs, there are basically two types of people: those who use their points right away after receiving a reward from their manager, or those who bank their points waiting for just the right time, opportunity or that one certain item they’ve had their eye on.

There’s no wrong or right in regards to these two different types of employees. The only wrong in this equation is to not use your points. By not using recognition points, you’re missing out on the opportunity to feel the full effect of recognition.


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Engage Your Remote Employees During the Holidays and Beyond

Over the past few years, there has been a major increase in Americans who work remotely. Although you may not come into physical contact with these employees as often as your in-house team, they are an equally valued part of your company.

With the holidays quickly approaching, what better time is there to show your remote workers how much you care? A new article published by SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, hopes to do just that -- by offering readers tips on how they might include remote workers during the holiday season.


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The Top 10 Worst Gifts to Give Your Employees During the Holidays

Despite the temperature outside, the season of planning and preparing for employee holiday gifting has arrived! If you've been given the seemingly daunting task of buying for your organization's employees this holiday season, you're likely racking your brain, researching the do's and don't's of employee gifting, while being mindful of your overall budget.


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4 Reasons to Begin Your Employee Holiday Gifting Strategy Now

Though it doesn't feel like it outside, the truth is that Fall is right around the corner. The weather will soon cool off, the leaves will start to change, and recipes for "Pumpkin-Flavored Everything" will begin flooding our Social Media feeds. That's right, before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us.  Though it may seem arduous, there is no better time than now to begin planning your Employee Holiday Gifting strategy.


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Kicking the Post-Holiday Blues at Work

The lights sparkled, gifts were given, families visited, champagne poured and the ball was dropped.  It’s the post-holiday season; you know the one, where employees are eagerly returning back to work after all the festivities with a twinkle in their eye and a pep in their step! 

Except ... that is not what is happening.  If you are like most every other employer, your employees are in fact present, but they may be suffering from the post-holiday blues. We can feel this way if we have experienced intense emotions like stress, or if we have overindulged or overspent. Or, we may feel the blues while adjusting to returning to work and realizing the festive times are over. We spend months preparing for the holidays, and with a snap of a finger, it is over. 


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Three Steps to Harness Your Company's Greatest Asset

Like Santa’s Elves working happily and tirelessly year round, your company’s greatest assets are your fully engaged employees. You know who they are, they’re the employees who work with passion, feel connected to and are proud of the organization they work for. They come to work early and stay late when necessary to get the job done. Fully engaged employees are your greatest asset (Tweet This), and you may be surprised to learn, according to the July 2015 Employee Engagement Report, they represent less than one-third of your workforce. This begs the question, how do you harness the more than 60 percent of your workforce to become engaged?


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Making the Most of Your Year End and Holiday Bonus Funds

Here were are, it is December, and 100 percent of the conversations around the water cooler dance are around the speculations of what your holiday gift will be.  Will it be cash, additional weeks pay, a free day off, a turkey?  (If you are still giving Turkeys, please stop, there are way better options, that even cost less.)  


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