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7 Things You Can Do for Patient Safety Awareness Week — March 11

Chances are, you didn’t enter the medical industry just because you wanted a better parking space or a bigger paycheck. You joined the world of healthcare to make a difference, to save lives, and to change the world around you – one patient at a time.

Patient Safety Awareness Week, which runs from March 11-17, provides an awesome opportunity to do just that. To help you make the most of the big week, C.A. Short Company has put together the following resources, tools, and content you can use to participate in — and spread awareness about — the event.


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From Patients to Profits: The Staggering Cost of Disengagement in Healthcare

Patients desperately seeking treatment wind up getting worse, not better. Good nurses and doctors who sacrificed their lives to pursue a career in healthcare get so burned out they leave the industry they once loved. Hospitals that once prospered by providing their community with state of the art care now shutter their doors because they can no longer afford to operate.

These are not hypothetical scenarios, they’re what we’ve seen happen far too many times. Yes, we’ve seen the opposite too. C.A. Short Company has been blessed to work with some of the nation’s leading hospitals – ones who decided employee engagement would be a top priority and not just a bullet point on a meeting agenda.

This article isn’t about them -- or for that matter -- us.

It’s about what happens when employee engagement isn’t a priority. It’s about what happens when well-intentioned folks cause more harm than good. But, above all, it’s about how there’s still time to do better.


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Physician Engagement: The Key to Profit, Productivity and Patient Satisfaction

A Tale of Two Doctors 

They both went to medical school. They both graduated top of their class. They’re both respected by their peers and community. But, only one successfully identified a rare condition in the same patient. The other doctor failed to diagnose an illness that could have cost the patient her life.

It wasn’t because one was smarter than the other or went to a better school or even because one cares more about their patients. The reason for the misdiagnoses in this case was simple – one doctor wasn’t as engaged. 


Topics: Patient Satisfaction, Patient Experience, Employee Engagement, Healthcare Industry, Boosting Productivity, Physician Engagement, Health care, Healthcare

Focusing on Patient Experience & Employee Engagement Results in Increased Safety, Revenue

Do you want to create a safer healthcare environment, all the while increasing your ROI? Then you’re in luck! A new report from the Harvard Business Review sheds light on how, exactly, healthcare in the United States has become safer, of higher quality, and more profitable for shareholders! By putting patient’s first, healthcare providers saw major gains across the board. It turns out, employee engagement was the key all along.

Here’s why. 


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Improving Patient Satisfaction: Four Ways to Better Engage Your Healthcare Staff

When it comes to the healthcare industry, a variety of factors have a role to play in the overall quality of care provided. Perhaps the most important of these factors is the engagement level of employees. In fact, a recent Gallup study showed that the number one predictor of mortality variation was the nursing staff’s level of engagement. It beat out other key factors, such as nurse/patient ratio and percentage of overtime hours worked.



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