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Employee Engagement in Healthcare: 6 Tips to Engage Doctors, Nurses and Staff!

“To save lives.”

Over our 80-year history in the employee engagement industry, we’ve spoken with thousands of healthcare workers. From doctors and nurses to CEOs of the nation’s largest healthcare providers, we always like to ask, “Why did you enter healthcare?” The answer is almost always the same – to save lives!


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Physician Engagement: The Key to Profit, Productivity and Patient Satisfaction

A Tale of Two Doctors 

They both went to medical school. They both graduated top of their class. They’re both respected by their peers and community. But, only one successfully identified a rare condition in the same patient. The other doctor failed to diagnose an illness that could have cost the patient her life.

It wasn’t because one was smarter than the other or went to a better school or even because one cares more about their patients. The reason for the misdiagnoses in this case was simple – one doctor wasn’t as engaged. 


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