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SMARTER KPIs for a SMART Safety Incentive Program?

When it comes to a safety incentive program, what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should we be following? 


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How To Use A Safety Incentive Program for COVID Guidelines

Over the past few months, many businesses have been faced with difficult decisions regarding employee health and safety. While some businesses and industries are able to go completely remote, that is a luxury many businesses do not have. During COVID-19, the safety of our employees and ourselves is our first priority. Today we will be discussing how your safety incentive program can also be used to help promote a safe work environment and assist with adapting your workplace to new OSHA and CDC workplace safety guidelines. 


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Safety Incentives: What Are Leading Indicators?

Implementing a culture of safety is key to prioritizing employee safety and wellbeing. Safety incentive programs reinforce safety protocols and encourage employees to work safely by rewarding them when they do. In order to build a successful safety incentive program, you must have a way to consistently measure success, as well as discover any areas of improvement. 


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How Much is the Average Cost of a Truck Accident?

This blog post is the 3rd in a series of five blog posts about creating driver engagement.


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Do Behavior-Based Safety Incentive Programs Work?

When aiming to build a workplace focused on employee safety, there are often some misconceptions behind behavior-based incentives and reward programs. Some safety professionals believe that behavior-based safety incentive programs somehow take the responsibility away from management, leaving it solely on the employee, or that behavior-based programs somehow blame the employee for an unsafe work environment. In order to implement a successful safety incentive program, managers and employers must buy in fully into the program, while empowering employees to make safe decisions for themselves and their coworkers.


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Key Statistics for Improving Workplace Safety

Employers are faced with new challenges within the workplace everyday. Promoting a culture of safety, can not only keep employees out of harm's way, but boost productivity and engagement. The following statistics highlight workplace safety along with the benefits of engaged employees


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10 Workplace Safety Strategies

In 2019, the number of workers injured equaled 2.8 per 100 full-time workers. Overexertion, falls and slips, and contact with equipment played a role in lost work and production days. No organization wants to have injuries, but where do you start to build a safety work culture? We’ve put together our list of 10 strategies to improve workplace safety and build a culture centered around employee health. 


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Employee Engagement Improves Workplace Safety

Improving Safety Through Employee Engagement

Building a safe work environment is a challenge for any company. But, perhaps even more challenging, is the ability to maintain that safety over the long-term. Many companies struggle with how to best keep workers and customers safe. And with so many statistics and opinions out there, it can be hard to determine the right solutions for your environment. One tactic that works across the board, however, is active employee engagement -- a critical element of our Safegagement concept.


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How to Combat a Disturbing Trend in Workplace Safety

A call from your spouse. A message from a friend. An email notification from your gym.

Life’s little distractions add up, and getting sidetracked at work can be an unavoidable annoyance. It’s easy to take for granted the pesky and seemingly unending diversions that distract us during the workday.


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What Makes a Safety Incentive Program OSHA-Compliant?

Can a safety incentive program be OSHA®-compliant? If so, how can my company ensure these standards are met? What type of safety program is right for my business?

We hear these questions a lot because there’s a great deal of misinformation surrounding these topics. Today, we aim to clear up that confusion.  


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