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Years of Service: Traditional Work Anniversary Awards

Part 1: The importance of celebrating work anniversaries with Years of Service awards

Part 2: Best practices for celebrating work anniversaries with years of service awards

Part 3: Working with a SaaS provider to implement your YOS awards


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5 Benefits of Implementing Years of Service Awards For Work Anniversaries

Traditions in the Corporate World

It’s possible to become so wrapped up in tradition, we can forget why we’re doing something. When that happens, we run the risk of simply “going through the motions.” Sadly, this occurs far too often when it comes to honoring employees for their loyalty and commitment.


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10 Best Practices for Creating Years of Service Awards that Work in 2020

This article is dedicated to Buford Ellis, whose dedication and commitment to C.A. Short Company has inspired us for more than 60 years. You’ve made us better employees, better managers, and better friends. May your retirement be filled with the same love you showed all of us.

YOS awards have been a mainstay in the business world for decades. However, a rapidly changing workforce has altered how we must approach them. What worked 30, 20, or even 10 years ago is no longer enough.

That’s why C.A. Short Company is proud to share with you these 10 best practices for offering employee Years of Service awards in 2020. In this article we also share how we used these tips to recognize one of our own team members and promote employee engagement throughout our organization.


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Improving Your Traditional Years of Service Program

Service award programs are meant to celebrate success, relationships, and promote recognition. However, some programs lack excitement and others may not be loved by the ones that participate in them. If your current years of service program is not engaging your employees, it’s time for a program upgrade. Discover how you can improve your years of service program from the traditional off the rack approach. 


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10 Habits of a Highly Successful Years of Service Recognition Program

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top tips from around the industry for a successful and effective Years of Service Recognition program:


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Define: Employee Recognition Program (what is it and why should I care?)

In short, Employee Recognition Programs are tools to help implement good intentions. We’ve all heard the old chestnut that “failing to plan is planning to fail”, right? The same holds true in this case. An organized and detailed Recognition plan, based on the values and goals of your organization is your best plan to attract and retain the right people for your team. It will help turn your desire to create an atmosphere of appreciation and open acknowledgement of your people’s value to the company into a daily reality.


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The Best Guide To Years Of Service Awards In 2020

These days, it's rare for an employee to stay loyal to a single company. As such, when an employee does, he or she deserves some recognition. While there are a number of ways to show recognition to loyal employees, few options are as well-received as years of service awards


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7 Ways To Express Gratitude Towards Employees

Everyone knows that showing staff appreciation is one of the top things any higher-up should do for a positive workplace. Sometimes showing employee gratitude may seem a bit repetitive and looking for new ways to do so can seem impossible. 


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10 Benefits Of Years Of Service Awards For Employees

75% of your employees won't plan to stay around for over five years. A quick employee turnaround could impact your productivity and overall business growth.


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The Modern Guide to Years of Service Awards

One of the most effective ways to make your business successful and to exceed expectations of your clients is to keep employees happy.


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