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C.A. Short Company’s People Are Everything (PAE) employee engagement SaaS is an innovative tool that empowers organizations to improve employee engagement and recognize their employees in many ways. Our software can:

  • Help build a Culture of Engagement
  • Provide an area for social interaction
  • Encourage two-way communication
  • Measure program and initiative success 
  • Promote positive behavior changes
  • Stimulate peer-to-peer recognition
  • Allow users to redeem points for name brand rewards within the software
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Why is it critical to engage your workforce?

An engaged workforce can increase your bottom line,  improve customer satisfaction, and even help save lives. Fully engaged teams have greater results in core performance outcomes such as:

  • Customer ratings
  • Safety incidents
  • Patient safety incidents
  • Profitability
  • Shrinkage (Theft)
  • Quality (Defects)
  • Turnover
  • Absenteeism

Gallup's most recent State of the American Workplace report found that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement, when compared to those in the bottom-quartile, typically experience:

The Results 3

As you can see, employee engagement significantly impacts many of the key metrics that affect your bottom line. Start building a Culture of Engagement and Recognition to make your employees feel more appreciated, thus leading to a more efficient and effective business.

Take Care of your Employees - Improve Safety - 100% OSHA Compliant

safety logoImproving company safety is important to keeping productivity high and employees happy. Studies have shown that every $1 spent on safety incentive solutions can yield $4-5 on the bottom line. But when you consider the human element of safety, you realize that it means much more than improving the company bottom line. Your employees and their families are trusting you with their life. Your employees have people who care for them and expect them to walk through the door at the end of the day safe and sound. And that's far more important than padding company pockets. 

Our People Are Everything platform helps promote safe behaviors through recognition. Our program can be designed to recognize one-time safety achievements or milestones, measure continuous improvement over time, and/or instantly recognize employees on-the-spot for safe behavior. Our safety incentive programs are OSHA®-Compliant and promote leading indicators, not lagging indicators. 

Behavior-Based Recognition

PAE lets you recognize employee contributions in the form of individual and team achievements, safety contributions, or any other behavior you'd like to reward. Employees will be able to receive points and redeem them for merchandise via an online catalog (award center).

Award Center

Once your employees acquire points, they can redeem them for items such as: electronics, housewares, jewelry, watches, home and leisure items, outdoor and recreational items, tools, and even toys. We have HUNDREDS of name brand products and offer free shipping with any redemption!


Key Features of the People Are Everything (PAE) Software

  • Award center for employees
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile
  • Global integration and shipping
  • Training portal
  • Engagement score and achievement badges to help measure program success
  • Admin dashboard with custom reporting
  • Customizable dashboard for users to create unique experiences and express your company brand
  • 100% OSHA®-Compliant
  • eCards
  • Keep up with employee anniversaries and birthdays
  • Manager-to-Employee and Peer-to-Peer recognition capabilities
  • Photo gallery for events
  • Integrates with multiple systems
  • Easy to use 


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The Power of Engagement


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