Introducing Safegagement™ — the most advanced OSHA-compliant safety incentive program, period!

Leading Indicators. Leading Technology. Leading the Pack.
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Improve Workplace Safety

Ensure OSHA compliance with an incentive-based safety program

Every Safegagement strategy we offer is 100 percent OSHA-compliant. So stop guessing, and start saving — money, time, and lives!

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Create a “Culture of Safety” — fast

What happens when you address employee engagement and safety simultaneously? You create a Culture of Safety faster than you ever imagined.


Focus on leading indicators

It’s time to be proactive about your employees’ safety. We help you identify, measure, and improve the most significant leading indicators, so you can prevent safety incidents before they occur. Capturing historical data, developing predictive trends and determining ROI will not only keep your people safe, it will separate you from the pack.


Modify employee behavior at scale

Our certified experts know what it takes to create a safe work environment. When employees exhibit these behaviors, reward them with points they can exchange for the awards of their choice. It’s that simple.

Offer employees rewards that inspire

Whether it’s an in-demand toy for their kids, the latest tech gadget, tickets to an upcoming concert, or trips to exclusive destinations, we make it easy to reward employees with the products, services, and experiences that matter the most to them.

Recognize employees often

Recognized employees are happier, healthier, and safer. Effective recognition happens in the moment. This is where we shine.

Connect your workforce

A connected workforce is a safer workforce. We bring your entire team together under one portal, allowing employees to recognize their peers, honor their co-workers’ accomplishments, and inspire each other to be better than they were the day before.

Administration and Usage

Easy to use, easy to administer

Our simple interface is great for even the most tech-challenged employees and managers, and our robust reporting makes it easy to track key metrics and relay in-depth reporting to your C-suite.

Easy monitor employee behaviors

Quickly monitor employee safety

Keeping employees safe is just part of the battle. We also save you time and money. View engagement scores and safety badges at a glance. Spend less time measuring program success and more time doing what really matters.

Configure user dashboards

Have a data-obsessed CEO/CFO? No worries! Our admin dashboard and reports are completely customizable. Tell us the metrics and KPIs that matter most, and we’ll make sure they're easily accessible at all times.
Comprehensive branding options

Comprehensive branding options

Company colors? Check. Your own logo? Check. Boosting brand awareness? Check. Create truly unique experiences and express your company brand with customized user dashboards and interfaces.
Integrate with existing applications

Integrate with existing applications

Our Safegagement programs integrate with existing Workplace Applications/HRIS Systems and programs, including many ERP Systems and Risk Management Programs. Full steam ahead.