Fun and Easy Ways to Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition


A handwritten note from an executive. An award to honor years of service. Maybe even a personalized gift from a manager.

There are many ways your company can recognize your employees for their hard work. But if your business only engages in top-down recognition, you may not attain the Culture of Recognition you’re seeking.

In today’s article, we’ll examine how to better encourage peer-to-peer recognition with ideas that are as fun and easy as they are effective.

The importance of peer-to-peer recognition

It’s essential for managers, executives, and bosses of all types to honor their employees for their hard work, and recognition shouldn’t just come from them. One of the most powerful types of gratitude comes when employees praise each other for their contributions.

Here are a few of the reasons why peer-to-peer recognition is so important in today’s workforce:

  • It encourages and motivates your entire team
  • It’s inherently more scalable than recognition from management alone
  • It’s an authentic expression of gratitude that can easily occur in real-time
  • It can serve as a medium for regular feedback
  • It helps reinforce a culture of achievement, collaboration, and support
  • It reduces turnover costs by fostering meaningful relationships among your team

Achieving peer-to-peer recognition with employee engagement and recognition software

One of the most effective means of achieving peer-to-peer recognition is by implementing an employee engagement and recognition platform. Utilizing sophisticated yet easy-to-use software, you can bring total recognition to the forefront of your workforce. With the right tools in place, you can develop robust processes that promote genuine appreciation among peers, regardless of where they are located, in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Employee recognition software lets you connect all your employees virtually no matter where they’re physically located. It helps set the stage so employees can see each other’s achievements and applaud peers, which are some of the basic catalysts for raising engagement.

Other fun ways to encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Create a Wall of Thanks

Place a message board in a public area, and designate it as a “Wall of Thanks.” Encourage employees to honor their co-workers by posting thank you notes, positive customer feedback, or even photos of their team members hard at work.

Encourage Post-it Praise

Provide your employees with sticky notes and encourage them to leave positive messages on their co-worker’s desk or station. Employees can do this throughout the day or wait until an employee leaves for lunch or a break, then cover their computer with notes of praise.

Award Instant Points

If you want your peer-to-peer recognition program to deliver the greatest impact, award your employees with instant award points they can use to honor their co-workers. At C.A. Short Company, we give each employee a set of points they can award to their team members in the form of eCards. If the points aren’t assigned to their peers within a certain time limit they expire. Employees can then redeem their points for the reward of their choice.

Activities like these help to train your employees to look for ways to recognize and appreciate their peers, to look for the good, and to give instant feedback about their co-workers’ performance.

Even more ways to engage and recognize your employees

Would you like to learn more about creating a Culture of Recognition at your organization?

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