a rich history of honoring work anniversaries

Businesses have been honoring employees with work anniversary awards for nearly a century, and C.A. Short Company has been by their side through it all. A lot has changed over this time – from what people call the awards to when companies begin offering them to how they’re designed and delivered.  

Yet, there has been one constant: work anniversary awards continue to deliver a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Benefits of honoring employees with milestone awards

Employees aren’t the only ones to benefit from a quality service awards program. Recognizing employees for their loyalty and contributions also leads to:

  • Reduced employee turnover rates and improved retention

  • Better talent acquisition and development

  • A more-defined “Culture of Engagement”

  • Improved employee engagement levels

  • Boosted productivity levels

  • Significant quality improvements

To discover even more benefits, you can read our article 5 Benefits of Honoring Employee Work Anniversaries with Years of Service Awards.

C.A. Short Company’s Service Awards

C.A. Short Company’s service awards are completely customized to meet the unique needs of our clients, and our dedicated recognition experts ensure the entire process is a smooth one. With our best-in-class support and an unrivaled award selection, our work anniversary awards can deliver tremendous results as a standalone recognition solution.

However, it is most effective as part of a “Total Recognition” strategy. This is why our service awards program is designed to integrate seamlessly with our all-in-one employee engagement and recognition software platform, People Are Everything™.

Using our recognition platform isn’t a requirement for our service awards. Heck, we don’t even require that you use a computer. We know some clients prefer a more traditional experience, which is why we also offer stamp incentive programs and gift catalogs you can actually hold in your hands.


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What Makes Our Program Different?

Our customers ask for complete control over their service awards program and budget. That is exactly what we deliver! 


Unmatched Customization

Every service award program should increase corporate identity, program familiarity, and user engagement. This is why our presentation materials, award catalogs, and online features are all custom-branded for your organization. 

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Robust Options

With more than 19 presentation options and award options that range from pens to iPads, we have solutions to fit every culture and budget. Employees are awarded a set amount of points, which they can exchange for the reward of their choice, thus ensuring employees receive awards that resonate with them.


Guaranteed Budget Control

Awards are grouped in dedicated price collections, so you know exactly what your cost will be. You set the price, we create a category based on that amount, and regardless of which item in that collection your employee selects, you pay a dedicated cost, GUARANTEED!

Our Certified Recognition Professionals will design a service award program that your employees will appreciate and remember for years to come.

The Award Presentation


Plaques and Mementos

CAS-PO_-1 (1).jpg

  Redeemable Points


a new way of honoring...

We see our Service Awards program as deliberate and an opportunity to honor our staff as individuals for their valued contribution to our success. This gives each employee a sense of pride and the knowledge that they matter to C.A. Short Company.   We make the Service Award process a personal one.


“It would take me all day to tell you all the fond memories I have working at C.A. Short Company. If you work at C.A. Short, you have a good reputation in the community. Employees have always come first.” 

Buford Ellis
Corporate Account Manager

Retired after 62 years of service!


"At my 15th Anniversary, I chose a Howard Miller clock because I knew it was something I wouldn't purchase for myself. This special clock is a significant reminder of C.A. Short and my work family.” 

Kim Lancaster
Finance Manager

Celebrated 19 Years in 2017.


"My Dad (Jim Barr) retired from C.A. Short after 35 years. So many of my Christmas and birthday gifts (growing up) came from the C.A. Short Company Award Catalog.” 

Jodi Buck
Finance Administrator

Celebrated a combined 17 years in 2017.


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