Years of Service Awards for the Modern Workforce

Upgrade your traditional YOS awards while honoring, inspiring, and retaining your valued employees. 


Honor Your Employees

Formal employee recognition, done right

Do more than tell your employees they matter — show them. From planning to implementation, we help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Employee Recognition

Years of service awards that inspire

Whether it’s an in-demand toy for their kids, the latest tech gadget, or tickets to an upcoming concert, we make it easy to give employees the products, services, and experiences that matter the most to them.

YOS awards That Inspire your employees

Unlimited possibilities

With a wide variety of presentation options and thousands of awards, we have solutions that fit every culture and budget.

Unmatched options...

Improve corporate identity, program familiarity, and user engagement with custom-branded presentation materials, award catalogs, and online features.

Guaranteed budget control

With dedicated pricing collections, you know exactly what your cost will be. Just set your budget and we’ll handle the rest.

Seamless integration

Formal recognition works best when it’s paired with a total recognition program. That’s why every work anniversary award program we offer integrates seamlessly with our People Are Everything platform.

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Businesses have been honoring employees with work anniversary awards for nearly a century, and C.A. Short has been with them through it all.

A lot has changed over this time – from what people call awards, to when and how companies present them, to the ways those awards are designed and delivered.

We're time tested and have persevered the times. 

Yet, there has been one constant: work anniversary awards continue to deliver a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

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